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Couch to 5K – Week 4

So, after splurging on my shoes for pronating, I figured it was time to start running for real. The knee and foot pain were my main excuses for never running before. I usually got my cardio from kickboxing fitness tapes or occasionally the elliptical machine at the gym. After trying to run for the past couple of months, I can genuinely say that running is 8 times as challenging as the elliptical ever was for me. I can see why Jillian doesn’t let the Biggest Loser contestants use them.

Right now, I am more or less following a running for beginners program I found here at women’s health online. It’s a program made for people like me who haven’t ran since they were forced to years ago in middle school gym. What I love about it is how bizarrely easy it starts out. I think on day one you only actually run for 2 or 3 minutes and it slowly builds from there. It’s great, because even if it is easy at first, it establishes habits. You get into a routine or going to the gym, and the slow build doesn’t scare you away. Of course, by week 4, if you are like me, you are panting like a maniac at the end of it. But, by now I’m invested in my goal, and can not wait for the day I am able to run that 5K in 30 minutes.

Today, when I read what I had to run (walk 4 min, 4 – 5 min run 1 min walk intervals, walk 2 min), I didn’t think I’d be able to run a 5 minute interval once, not to mention 4 times! I mean, just the day before I was struggling to get through the 3 minute intervals. To get through, I chose my music well, and sung along to it in my head instead of thinking about being tired or looking at the time. Surprisingly, I did it! And after that first interval the next three came a little easier because I knew that I had it in me. When I got off the treadmill today my quads were burning, but I felt so accomplished. Every day is a NPR (new personal record) and it’s a definite high.

Honestly, with every day of this program I gain more confidence in what I can accomplish. I’m a lot stronger than I think I am. And I’m so proud of myself for pushing after my knee injury in January and my exercise induces asthma issues now. I just know it will all be worth it when I cross the ‘finish line’ : )

Today, I feel like a real runner!


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