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Hits and Misses

So I started this blog thinking it was the greatest idea in the world and then quickly got ‘real’ gave up on it, thinking, hmmm…. there are so many great food/fitness blogs out there, do I really have a story worth sharing? Tonight, I think I just might. The blogs I read are people I aspire to be at their point in a healthy lifestyle (if that makes sense). I think the blog of the journey could actually be a valuable voice for people like me who read those blogs. Moreover, I think other grad students are going through a lot of the stuff I am right now, especially those just beginning their journey. If nothing else, this blog will hopefully help me gain some accountability, which I am finding that I desperately need!

There’s nothing like trying on clothes to give you brain the little kick in the gut it needs right? The stress has been really bad lately and I’ve been turning to all the things I shouldn’t like oversnacking, eating out way too much, and putting off exercise.

But, I won’t be all negative. I am doing pretty well on a lot of my goals for this year. I haven’t ran as much as I hoped, but I still am! I’m actually so proud of myself for keeping with it despite all the obstacles against me (flat feet induced knee pain and asthma) I’ve been going to an awesome yoga class once a week, which is a great detoxer and strength and flexibility builder. And I’ve really cut down the meat consumption. Once I learn to cook more yummy vegetarian food, I think the switch to mostly vegetarian will happen pretty smoothly. Although I wish I had time to make speedier progress, each month I’m doing more than the last, so I’m excited about the trend.

Honestly, I think I need to get to the point where I really commit to this, so I don’t let peer’ pressure’ and convenience get in my way.

Anyway, it’s late and definitely time for bed after a long day of shopping and Oscars! Good night all.


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