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One Up!

Grad students don’t really get your standard issue Spring Break. In undergrad I trekked to exotic locations (the Florida Keys, British Virgin Islands, L.A., and Belize) to dive and veg out on the beach. These days a break from classes just earns you more time to spend in the lab, but considering how stressful the last few weeks have been, I was pretty glad to have it.  But in the spirit of taking some time off, I went home to Charleston for a few days for my birthday weekend.

Some exciting things about the weekend is that I got to see a few dear high school friends! Friday I met up with Andrew, Ashley, and one of Andrew’s friends from Florida, Dan. Andrew and I have a rare, comfortable boy-girl friendship. I don’t realize how it’s totally not normal to be able to sit with your friend on the couch and rub their feet until I’m in the real world again. Why must people need their silly personal space heh? But we all had a fun day playing tourist in my home town: We went to a kid’s science museum, saw the scariest car repair shop possibly ever, ate heavenly ham, went to the dog track, ate gourmet pizza at Lola’s, and then the gentlemen cajoled us into going back to their hotel room and we played an awesome card game called Nertz.

I can't believe we've been friends more than 10 years!


I'm always the goofy one.

Saturday I had a shopping day with my mom and then met up with another highschool friend, Kerri, to chat at a bookstore and gamble some more at the good ol dog track (seriously, most hopping place in the charleston area on a saturday night!). Kerri and I crafted a great dog betting strategy by analyzing which dogs peed before race time and which didn’t. All in all a good birthday weekend besides my freakishly stuffy nose and red zombie eyes.

As hypothesized, between all the funtivities and my cold, didn’t really get a workout in while I was at home, but I did fit in some floor exercises yesterday that I could manage despite all the congestion. I hula hooped for 5 minutes on each side, did push ups, oblique stands, leg lifts, squats, and some back bends (I’ve felt kind of slouchy recently). I can’t wait to get back to more intense workouts, but I’m proud of myself for getting my body moving a bit despite the cold. I think building healthy habits is key. Even if I can’t do it all, just moving my body for a few minutes every day reinforces my goals and develops good routines that will help me be successful (that’s the hope anyway!).

Hoping for a run tomorrow….




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