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Cluster(@#%#)’s and Game Over

Should this be my official couch to 5K graphic?!

Yesterday I got back to my running program. I was a little weary to actually go out, because my nose was still pretty stuffed up from the cold. But, by some awesome happenstance, as soon as I started running everything cleared out nicely and I had a good run. Sorry for the potentially graphic mental image…

According to my training program, I’m somewhere in the catacombs of Week 4. The plan for yesterday was:

Walk 4 Minutes, 4 intervals of Run 5 minutes Walk 1 minute, Walk 2 Minutes, and STRETCH!

But, in my program I’ve really enjoyed being flexible within the cage of a tentative plan. OK, that sentence makes no sense, I just used a lot of fun words. What I mean is, it’s nice to have a plan. It makes me get moving a lot more and train myself harder than I ever did when I let myself run on ‘standby.’ But it’s also good to be flexible within that plan. So while the plan makes me go for more and go out more, I adjust depending on how my body is acting that day. Yesterday, the cold was aggravating the asthma a bit, so I ended up doing this:

Walk 4 minutes, Run 5, Walk 1, Run 5, Walk 1, Run 3, Walk 3, Run 4, Walk 1, Run 4, Walk 3, annnnnd STRETCH!

So, while I had to catch my breath good in the middle, I made up for it by running a little more in the end. Honestly, During that last run when I was trying to make the total run time equal to my plan my favorite song to run to came on and it pushed me further.

That was until the treadmill decided to GAME OVER on me at the 30 minute mark. It was a fail, because I didn’t get to look at my end distance stats.

I had to be on one of those GAME OVER treadmills right in front of the basketball players because for some reason the gym was PACKED even at 9 PM last night. People must have been unhappy with how they looked in their suits during spring break last week or something. Hopefully these people give up on their goals soon (even though that sounds very selfish….I like MY treadmill ok?).

But wow, Running, you just earned yourself a new fan club member. When I got off the treadmill my quads had this lovely burning feeling. Working towards running goals really expands the possibilities of what I think I can accomplish in this world. It feels so good to achieve fitness goals I never thought I would. After like 6 weeks, I was able to more or less get over the flat foot/pronating issues that always stopped me before. And now I’m slowly kicking passed the asthma barriers.

I’m heading toward that 5K slowly but surely, folks.


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