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Run bitch, Run

Greetings post the best weekend I’ve had in a long time! I had a lot of fun, ignored work, met new people, drank more than I should have (though, I am prepared with a myriad of good excuses and other people to blame), ate good food, soaked in the sunshine and 70 degree weather, and even got a workout or two in. I feel like everything came together in such a way, that Saturday afternoon while doing work at a coffee shop I was just like ‘Damn, Charlottesville is pretty good. I’m glad I’m here!” Man, if you’ve been following my story you know how long the journey to me saying that has been. I really do believe what one of my roommates said yesterday, that so much of happiness is just your circumstances. I went from a Philly hater to a lover during my four years in undergrad. It definitely wasn’t the city that changed, I just made my circumstances better by slowly meeting awesome people and ya know, adjusting. Anywho.

So I’ve had 3 Couch to 5K-esque runs since my last entry. The first two were pretty pathetic. Long story still kind of long- I was still congested, and increased…ummm….viscosity and asthma do not mix my brothers. The goal was the same:

Walk 4, 4 intervals of Run 5 Walk 1, Walk 2

Day one I managed to get the first 2 running intervals, then hacked through a Run 4, walk 1, Run 3, walk 1, Run 2, Walk 1, DIE.

Sunday, I also got the first 2 intervals and pretty much did the same pattern of slowly running less and feeling like death. I think I even scared some chick in the restroom after. I was totally out of it. I think the beer and cream cheese bagel that weekend were partially to blame for that ick.

But, today, TODAY, TOOOODAY! I friggin dominated all 4 of those running intervals. There was a moment minute 4 in the 3rd interval where I almost gave up but then this song came on:

And I started changing the words in my head, to just run bitch, just run bitch , and made it to the end. Then, in an exercise in positivity, I chanted ‘you can do anything; during the last interval. I felt a little better about that. But the last minute did get a little dicey and I was definitely saying “Gahhhh you can do fucking anything gahhhhh COUGH COUGH COUGH.”

But, I did it! Five minute intervals are now sort of my bitch. At the very least, we are able to get down when we need to.


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