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Peace Out Week 4!

Hey all! I’m officially done with week 4 of my pseudo couch to 5K! Today’s plan was:

Walk 5 (so luxurious!)

Run 8 (say what now?!)

Walk 3 (ahhhhh)

Run 8 (again!?)

Walk 6

So, considering how much I struggled with those 5 minute intervals for so long, I came into this run with pretty low expectations. But, surprisingly I dominated this run. The first interval was more or less a breeze. Then, you got three whole minutes of rest which felt like an eternity after the one minute rests last time. Run 8 again? How about 10. Yeah, I went there. I decided to just keep running until I thought I was adequately tired. Jillian would have been proud.

My muse. I love her and no BULL people in general.

I didn’t feel as dead after, either. Maybe it was the fact that I was wearing shorts? Or maybe I’m less congested? Or maybe I’m just twice as awesome as I was on Tuesday. However you slice it, I’m happy to be in the shape I’m at today. I was feeling so good, I even did some ab exercises after my stretch.

As you probably noticed, this was my first workout in a couple days.Yeah. The last 2 nights I’ve been burried under papers and working on a Matlab (Re: nerdy programming language engineers like to use) codes for a class I’m in. He likes making these ridic long homework assignments that ruin my chances of getting anything done in lab for the week. Or like, doing life stuff like workout, sleeping, eating…ya know, that optional stuff :P.

Today our whole class was frazzled. I was having mild hallucinations this morning until I got Starbucks after class. I remember at one point drawing an alien on my paper and bursting into laughter. Oh grad school.




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