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I’m a Total Girl When It Comes to Musicals….

Who wouldn’t have a surrrious case of the Mondays the day after seeing Wicked?!

It was a great show! And I now have a new quote that makes me weep like the little hopeless romantic girl I am:

Elphaba, we’re going to be together always. You can see houses flying through the sky, can’t you see that?


Yeah, I got maybe five hours of sleep and then had to be in da lab at 8 to run over presentation stuff before giving it at 9. I felt like it was the worst talk I’ve ever given, even though I only really had like a minute of air time. I’m definitely the type who needs to practice and pretty much memorize what I’m going to say to be able to talk in public. This winging it thing definitely doesn’t work for me : /

Oh well, I just got a run in and have left all that emotional baggage on my second favorite treadmill at the AFC gym. I’m ready to conquer my tomorrow!

It was raining on the way to the gym, which made me feel extra hard core when I was en route. And feeling hard core definitely does positive things for your workout, unless you forget to take a hit off your inhaler before you head out. Yeah, I forgot in all the excitement of getting the hell out of my apartment. I could tell my chest was tight and I felt a little more beat up at the end of it than usual, but I got it done! I definitely think it’s something I can wean off of, which is kind of exciting.

In the spirit of the rain, I wore some ‘pants’ that really showed off my ankles. That’s the one thing you can’t get as a tall female: long sweats or loungewear. There are like a couple places that have jeans long enough, but no one bothers to make work out clothes for the long legged. Oh well. At least I have freaky skinny ankles to show off!

Anyway, here’s today’s run:

Walk 5 minutes.
Run 12 minutes.
Walk 3 minutes.
Run 5 minutes.
Walk 5 minutes.

I gotter done! Now, there are officially no more reasonable things to procrastinate doing homework with (my least favorite part of the day fo sho).




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