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Me and Meat, Part 1

It looks like I am slowly but surely embracing the vegetarian lifestyle. I’m reluctant to label myself a vegetarian though. When I hear the word, I immediately think of crazy hippies running into labs freeing the animals and spraying rich women’s fur coats with red paint. Yeah, that’s not me. Honestly, as a scientist, I believe in the food chain. Predator-Prey relationships are completely natural. Would you ever expect a lion to stop eating the weak, delicious gazelle just because he realized the gazelle likes being alive?

That’s just the way it is. And if we lived in a world where my strong (and dark and handsome…hehe) husband went out into the woods every couple weeks and shot us our dinners while I went out back and milked Bessie  and collected eggs then I would be cool with it. But…we don’t!

We live in a world of mass production and convenience. We need to kill the animals faster than they can grow up on their own, so we inject them with unnatural crap that I don’t think we even realize the true consequences of yet. We live in a world where so many animals are getting eaten we have to pack them in wall to wall, giving them a pretty shitastic sad existence.

When I was younger, I kind of imagined the animals running around on a happy farm in the sunshine before they were killed. It really doesn’t happen that way. It clicked when I learned more about how animals are treated in lab facilities for research. So much care is given to the cage conditions and making sure the animals are as content as they can be in such a cage. Why don’t we give that much care to the animals that we eat, which probably make up a way bigger percentage of animals being sacrificed regularly than the animals used in research do.

So yeah, there’s ethical meat out there from small farms and I totally support it. It’s also pretty expensive (but in my opinion, totally worth it if you plan on continuing to eat meat). Honestly, if you think about the fact that you are what you eat, spending a bit more to fuel yourself well seems more worth it, in my opinion. Think about it. You eat, you sleep, and you drink. Those are some of the most important things we do each day to stay alive, and we often do a shitty job of them because of stressful and overfilled days. Last semester I bought some organic, small farm meat and it was the most delicious chicken I’ve ever had – so moist and full of flavor. Chicken and I don’t really hang out much anymore, but if we did, I’d be all over that.

I never really intended to give it up 100%. I didn’t want it to get to a point where I became nuisance – always having to explain WHY and needing special stuff made for me when I went out. But, I do want meat to make up a very small part of my total food intake (about 1-2 meals a week  max). If one day I take the plunge, and decide to embrace the label of vegetarian, that will be cool too. But, gradual change is much more sustainable, and the 1 meal per week thing has been really working for me.

People often say that they NEED meat to feel energized, and I have found that’s not the case at all. I honestly feel 10 times better and more energized from eating pure, nutrient dense foods. My body feels clean, and I think long and hard about putting stuff in it that will take that feeling away. Also, I no longer crave it at all (And I also don’t crave sweets at all any more which is REALLY bizzare, I have a bag of untouched easter candy in my room from my mom). I kind of forced down my last meat meal, a hospital caf turkey burger, to be honest.

I hope that more people in this country will realize that a meal doesn’t have to be a MEAT and a STARCH – that a complete nutrient meal is totally possible (and totally delicious!) without meat.

I also hope, that more people will start consuming meat from more ethical sources. Supply and demand control pricing. If more people start consuming it, supply will increase and price will hopefully start to come down.

Anyway, I didn’t mean to write a preachy entry at all. And I don’t judge other people’s decisions in this area. It’s up to everyone to live in a way that makes them feel morally sound. I do encourage you to research the meat industry and gain full knowledge of how the food you’re eating ends up in the store. Like I said, what you eat is a big part of your day to day existence. You have the right to know as much as you can about your food.

So, that’s me and meat’s deal right now.  It feels really weird living without it, and at the same time, I don’t want it back in my life. Sounds like a pretty healthy break-up to me!  Who knows if we’ll remain friends.


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