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Why you can’t treat your body like a punching bag and expect to perform….

Before you even begin reading this entry you gotta click on this link and get in the relaxy headspace I’m in right now! Ah, rain! So relaxing! I’m actually a big fan of white noise. It’s rough being home sometimes – so quiet compared to Philadelphia and here (drunk undergrads hooting and hollering, bliss!). Nowadays it’s hard for me to sleep without some background. Sometimes I turn on a fan or something for the sole purpose of creating a loud, obnoxious, droning noises.

Anyway, I put my body through hell this week and paid for it at the gym today. I got 4-5  hours of sleep Monday – Thursday nights, ate out a lot while working late hours in the hospital complex, and last night drank the pain away a bit. How I expected to being able to crush my work out today, I have no idea!

But…I did expect to (dumb K….)! I bolted up the stairs two at a time, walked the steeper uphill route to the gym, took a hit off the inhaler 15 minutes before, and ran strong and confident for a good 8 minutes. I was even wearing new workout shorts I got today on a Target adventure (I haven’t bought shorts since like 8th grade for majorettes (Re: Baton twirling)). But, at minute 10, I tried to drink some water while running, messed up the breathing rhythm, then I got a cramp, so I tried to catch my breath for a minute and start again…Then after 5 more minutes of running the cramp recruited some of it’s pain homies and I had to stop and walk. I messed around with incline on the treadmill for the first time, and walked uphill for like 7 minutes, then called it a day.

I was actually like, “haha, uphill walking, I feel nothing. This is dumb.” But when I stepped off the treadmill I was like: “HELLO, quads!” I won’t diss it again, guys.

So true confession….I’ve never ran outside. Once I get to 30 minute running intervals I plan to start running outside (because, Sunshine is awesome!), but, I’m not that excited about the idea. I feel judged! Well, to get my feet warm to the idea I ran the 0.8 miles back home. It was kind of tough to be honest. I guess part of it is not knowing my speed, dealing with wind, and like, terrain. I felt more winded than I do on the ‘mill’.

So, in the end, my workout was a hangover-esque fail, but I challenged myself. At the end of the day, I think that’s what matters the most. I might do some floor exercises tonight if I get too bored. It’s great having time again! I definitely HAVE to be kind on the eating front this week though. Once you get on a roll, breaking it is a GI nightmare, and really hurt my ability to be my best at the gym today.


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