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Coming Clean, Let the Rain Fall, Yada Yada (Roll Eyes)

Man. I am really figuring out that just because the stress and angst are over, doesn’t mean your body is just going to flip back to how things were before. I’ve been struggling with caffeine dependence, insomnia, and general malaise ever since last week. I can tell my immune system has been compromised. I didn’t really get a cold cold, but general asthma and allergy-esque crud. So, I haven’t been working out for a while, hence my reluctance to post. But, a big part of this blog is accountability, so I figured it was about friggin time I come clean.

I was definitely disappointed not to be able to work out much though. I was getting so excited by my results and wanted to keep up the momentum!

And, more accountability – I went to Philadelphia this weekend to visit people! And Saturday was definitely a hot mess unclassy day and night. So starting tomorrow it’s veggie and workout overload time! Today it’s, clean up my life space and surroundings time. 1.5 weeks ago I was on like a life high of energy and power because of how awesome I was eating and working out. This week I’m fighting for it back. I went to the grocery store and bought lots of fruits and veggies to stuff myself with. It’s going to rock!

Oh, and please observe that I’ve changed the layout and design of the blog a bit. I encourage you to click the orange button on the right to subscribe to this feed if you are interested. That way you can keep track of updates through google and I don’t have to be a link whore all the time on gchat and twitter. Also, I added a ‘blog roll’ page with link to some of my favorite blogs. Most of them are food/fitness or personal finance related. This summer I plan on doing a personal finance overhaul following the principles I read in a book last year. I think it’ll be fun! I’m good at saving, but I need to be smarter about where I put the money I’m saving and start up an IRA and stuff.

Also coming soon: A check post of some pics from my weekend in Philly – I think you’ll soon understand why I need a veggie/rehydration-centric detox this week hehe!


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