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Hackety Hack Hack!

MMMmmm! So last night I crossed that 20 minute run milestone in my pseudo couch to 5K! It felt awfully awesome. And based on how my runs were going a couple weeks ago, I know it would have been fine if I wasn’t STILL dealing with the crud in my lungs. Every time I get something akin to a head cold (Re: mucous), I get a lingering cough and asthma complications. I’m out of a lot of my leftover hard core prescription stuff from October, and am trying to avoid another doctor visit. Paying for medicine annoys me a lot. I didn’t ASK to be sick..boo. Oh well, I’ll suck it up and try to remember what the doctor said during my post-concussion pain killer use: It’s better to just tackle it on up front with the dose you need instead of trying to be a hero and half assing it for a longer amount of time.

Yeah, none of this is attractive, I’m sorry : /.

But, if I can run 20 minutes with my lungs feeling like this, I’m optimistic for what I’ll be able to accomplish when I get back to normal! And now that spring has sprung, hopefully I’ll be done with my risk for acquiring more ‘crud’ from my med student roommates. On all the asthma stuff I’ve read they say stuff like ‘AVOID GETTING SICK.’ Isn’t that what everyone tries to do haha. But, I definitely get their point. Siiiiiiigh. We’ll see how tomorrow’s work out goes!


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