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Today was a pretty active outdoorsy day, if I must say so myself. And after last night’s rain fest, it was quite a gorgeous day out there! A perfect day for kickball!

Yeah, so I joined a kickball team here in cville a couple weeks ago as an opportunity to put a little more activity in my life and meet some new people here. I think that doing activities with other people is the BEST way to maintain a healthy lifestyle. If I knew more people that were my skill level at other sports like tennis and ultimate frisbee that’s pretty much what I would always want to be doing.

Truth be told, I kind of suck at kickball, but I’m improving and our team as a whole is pretty good (It’s great to be on the winning side hehe). Today I even handled the ball some and got bitches out (short stop, represent)! This was a significant improvement from 2 weeks ago that I was so confused once I stopped the ball I tried to go two ways at once and then fell to my knees on the sand.

After the game, I had more drama and fighting and yelling with this dude I live with, so I was in dire need some activity to get it all out of my mind. So I did a 2 mile walk/run and then a long walk around campus and back to work to hide out and be productive away from the drama clouds.

And, I really think there is a right and wrong way to fight, and whatever we do is just NOT good. It always makes me feel like curling into a ball and hiding from the world.

Really, learning the best way to confront someone on sensitive topics is an awesome life skill. I read a book on it last year that really helped me out in learning how people react in those situations and what the best tactics are to increase the comfort level of everyone involved so the best solution can be obtained. I wish I could make this required reading for the world, because no one seems to worry about making me feel uncomfortable. Ok. End rant.




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