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10 Things That Made Me Happy Today!

In the spirit of staying sunny, I thought it would be good to reflect on some of my favorite moments of today:

1. Pulling in through a double open parking spot!

Yeah, I hate parking and always go for the easiest spots to get in and out of. Pulling through is the ultimate parking jackpot, especially when dealing with after work Kroger-ing madness!

2. Pretending I have jedi powers in front of automatic doors!

Yep, you have been jedi mind tricked , and yep, total nerd here!

3. A dinner full of RED! Tomato soup and stawberries! MMMMMMMMMM!

4. Girly, cotton candy, hopeless romance novels!

My future roomie is getting me in to them. Yeah, they are total fluff, but sometimes you need a little mental detox after a hard day’s work.

5. Seeing my buddy do a kick ass job on her master’s thesis defense!

She made us delicious healthy snacks too! Best buddy ever!

6. Caffeine in the bloodstream ASAP in the AM

My professor bought us all coffee this morning. My zombie-licious monday brain welcomed it with open neurons!

7. Decluttering

When I get rid of stuff I don’t need anymore, I feel like an imaginary weight has been lifted off my shoulders! I feel like I have the tendency to hoard less than a lot of people, but it still stresses me out sometimes, especially when I know I’ll be moving in a few months!

8. Those BFF’s you’ve had for 10+ years

The inside jokes and ability to just GET each other on some deep level is so comfortable, especially now that I’m in a relatively new hood! Ha, and this pic always makes me want to pee myself!

9. Reading notes from friends

My friend K sends me letters periodically and every time I reread them I smile so big! It’s great to know that people I love (even those far away) are still cheering for me.

10. ‘Blah blah blah’ by Kesha – the perfect walking home from work anthem!

I’m pretty sure I threw my 10+ years of classical music training out the window when I gave this song 5 stars on iTunes. I just think Kesha and I are kindred spirits….ok….not really. But her bitchy mental dialogue makes me happy during my commutes!

What made you smile today?!


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  1. Awesome! Love it!

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