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Suck it, Treadmill (for now!)

Tomorrow I’ll finally get around to posting quite an epic post about this past weekend. I’ve really had a lot of eventful weekends recently – which is a good thing, don’t get me wrong – but gotta play catch up with this blog if I’m going to stay somewhat accountable.

Today I ran for real! Haha, I kissed the treadmill goodbye and decided to stop playing the hamster game and actually run….somewhere! I actually ‘mounted’ the treadmill for a second and started picking out my workout tunes before being like…yeah…I don’t want to do this. So, I bebopped on over to the track and decided to stop worrying about ‘numbers’ and just run.

The caveat, I suppose, is that I wanted to get at least 20 minutes of continuous running in. I didn’t worry about speed and laps and distance. It felt so good after using the treadmill for so long. Some parts were easier – like the fact that running was more ‘real’ in the sense that I could continuously adjust my speed based on what was going on. I also got less bored and had to listen to my music at a lower volume (protect those hair cells in the ears!). While it was easier to push myself to keep going without all those NUMBERS in my face, the workout felt a little more intense. All in all, I think I’m ready to keep most of my runs ‘real’ from here on out. Hopefully things like speed and distance will just build naturally as I run more, and aren’t things I necessarily need to hard core monitor. I mean, what did the cave men do? ¬†Sometimes I think we have too much technology…..

Anyway, here’s the breakdown for today, nothing special:

Walk 5

Run 20 minutes

Walk 5 (though really walk 7 because a Kesha song came on so I did another lap hehe).

Another down side, I guess, it was more obvious that other people were running faster and I was one of the slower ones. But, I also ran far longer time-wise than all those people. This is kind of surprising because 20 minutes doesn’t seem like all that long. Go figure. Either way though, it just matters that you push yourself and better yourself. Everyone is on their own journey. ohhhhhhhm haha. Sorry, I just feel like I was sounding like a hippie.


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