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So, I got into my first car accident. I consider myself a freakishly safe driver. I always leave a diamond of space around me , drive the speed limit, stay alert, all that stuff. But even when you do everything right, bad stuff can still happen. You can’t control everyone else on the road. I don’t know about you, but I have issues when I feel like I have no control. And when you’re cruising down the highway and someone pulls out right in front of you…well…it’s scary! Luckily my instincts were on. I braked and swerved the perfect amount to not get hit by other cars and to take the crash in a place where no one would get seriously hurt. But, thinking about what a close call it really was has me kind of freaked. And needing to figure out all this insurance and repair stuff …. ugh…nightmarish – A cruel punishment for not doing anything wrong, I’d say.

Luckily, I know some great people. My friend Jennie is like, an Amazon woman or something. She came and helped me patch my car up so I could park it somewhere until I figure out the insurance and repair stuff. And my roomie Matt also came to the scene and was a big help. I feel like I would still be a shell of a Karen on the side of the road at Mattress Warehouse if it were for these two. And added thanks to my friends around the BME department who’ve helped get  me food or just dealt with me while I’m a little mentally off. I’m someone who really hates to ask for and accept help, but it means a lot. I hope I can be that kind of friend in return one of these days.

It’s a weird feeling. I know there’s nothing I couldn’t have done, but I just feel mentally funky. My systemic nervous system is on full alert. Like, a little kid appeared suddenly in a doorway and I jumped a mile. I was pretty out of it during my last final today. The events of last night really took a toll on the quantity and quality of my studying (and sleep….). But, I just gotta figure it’s all going to work out, no matter how long and annoying the process, and keep being thankful that no one was hurt, no matter how close of a call it was.

Be safe out there, everyone!



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