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Moving on!

AH! So today I feel like I’ve been running around like a mad woman dealing with post collision chores. I went to the police station to pick up the report, talked to my insurance peeps for a while, faxed some docs, cleared out the insane amount of stuff I carry around in my trunk (like, I have a library annex and random scuba and ballroom dancing gear!), met Harry to get my car towed off to get appraised and repaired, and then…tried to get SOME work done.

Last night I finally took the time to mentally process and heal. I drank wine, watched friends, shed some tears, ate chips (gasp!), and veggggged out. And today, when I saw the car being carried off into the sunset, I felt like the weight of it all was lifted from me. The insurance stuff is still in the air, but right now I’ve done all I can do. I just need to move on. Worst case scenario: I have to pay my deductible. I’ll just let my the insurance people duke it out.

It’s oddly satisfying that I seem to be handling some adult stuff fairly well! Right after the crash I just felt kind of helpless – single female with no man to take care of me or parents to swoop in to save the day. But! I’m handling it! Yay girl power!?

Sunny thought: I’m stronger than I give myself credit for and I can handle myself in a crisis without breaking down!


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