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A dark and stormy friday….

Welcome to the weekend, gentlereaders. I had a pretty lazy Friday (if you consider working my8 hours lazy). I analyzed some data and was productive at the beginning of the day, then my entire lab got pretty distracting. I started watching Miley videos (she got realz slutty!), took a leisurely lunch, complained about needing coffee for a couple hours until I finally sucked it up and acquired some, planned after work activities, and so on. I feel like when my cells die (I work with heart cells, FYI), a good part of my drive dies along with them.

After work, I finally celebrated being ‘done’ with finals and my first year of graduate school! I went to Mono Loco with some of the coolest first year BME girls and drank way too much sangria. I didn’t want it to go to waste, but definitely should have forgone the last glass. It was one of those things where I didn’t realize how intoxicated I was until I stood up and had to orient myself in space. While we ate, a beast of a thunderstorm went over us. It was great to enjoy the sounds and smells of it under the tarp!

After dinner, I came home to find that my door is open and the power is out. It’s really freaky. The boys I live with don’t get what it’s like being a girl, I think. They are pretty lax with personal safety issues a lot and I’m not sure they see my side of things. It’s bad enough when the door is open, but with the additional element of no lights…. I REALLY didn’t want to set a toe in my apartment. Luckily, my friend came back and rescued me and we spent some time reading magazines and drinking tea at Barnes and Noble. To any other females out there – What would you have done in that situation? My parents raised me to be realllllly cautious (Re: Paranoid), sometimes it’s a little too extreme, but there are a lot of bad people in this world…..You really never know!

I really have thrown my health goals out the window this last week it seems. After the wreck, I lost motivation. I just kind of want to stay in my bed and be a sloth. I’m going to try to force myself on a run today and to do more cooking at home. I got to get back to my real life. Anybody out there have advice for finding drive again after hard times?


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