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Coffee is my vice, and I’m cool with it.

Today was definitely a “Because you’re worth it!” Sunday morning! I treated myself to some delicious breakfast in bed action. So, OK, not really the same because I had to get up and make it, but it was still a delicious experience compared to the usual banana/granola oats. The menu: 2 eggs scrambled with feta, a slice of perfectly browned toast, and a Christmas mug full of starbucks coff-ay (<- I pronounce it that way because I’m a classy betch)!

So, captain obvious called today – he said, “Yo, Karen, if you follow the directions on the bag of coffee, drip coffee actually tastes purty fine” I always thought drip coffee was more akin to coffee-flavored water than the good stuff, but, noooooo! It was perfectly strong and I’m feeling AWESOME! 11 hours of sleep + coffee = mental bliss!

Another good thing about coffee addiction, the more coffee I drink, the less crap I need to put in it! Right now, a splash of almond milk is perfection. I gave up artificial sweeteners at the beginning of the year (which sadly means no more yoplait : / damn aspartame, but I’ll end this rant before I get out of control) and am gradually cutting out the ‘half and half.’ Maybe I’ll be drinking my coffee ‘Jacob from Twilight’-style soon – Black! And wow, possibly the most geeky thing I’ve ever said! But, then again, I just cracked myself up and kind of want to say it again….

Lunch was an Amy’s Samosa, then it was off to play a game of kickball. After the game, I convinced myself to get another run in for the Hell of it!

I mean, I was wearing workout clothes, why not?! So, I ran 10 minutes as fast as I could, walked it out, then ran another five and quit because I was having asthma wheeze. I really had some doubts about my whole running thing after my workout yesterday. I feel like I have all these body quirks that just hold me back. Let’s face it, these issues are why I never ran in the first place unless some gym teacher in junior high school was forcing me to. But, today I discovered a new blog, and this girl seems to have dealt with all the stuff that I am right now (exercise induced asthma and other biomechanics issues), and today she completed a half iron man. I saw an old post where she was ecstatic to just run 8 minutes, and now she has accomplished something that big. I feel the same way about my ‘relatively’ short runs. As I blog, one part of me feels silly saying run 15 and feeling good about it. I remember being in disbelief the first time I ran 10 minutes in a row…

I just need to focus on my own journey and get out of the destructive habit of comparing myself to others. I need to listen to my body and push myself the most I can so I can move my life the direction I want. I need to focus on what I can do now that I couldn’t in January, not what I can’t do or what other people can. Finding inspirations like her help a lot too. Hopefully in a year or two, something like a half ironman won’t seem like the impossibility it does right now.

Dinner was a stir fry with Thai red sauce, tofu, and veggies. Delicious, simple stuff! I’m glad I’m getting the food part of my life back on track!


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  1. I think the 11 hours of sleep and coffee is a fabulous combination. I think I will try that.

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