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What happens in Vegas…..(Gets blogged about what now?!)

So, I promised a LA/Vegas vacation trip entry, and, I like to deliver on my promises. So, to give you a little taste of how my week away went I’ve prowled facebook for the best moments of the week and organized them here for you. Hope you enjoy. As with any trip to Vegas, there were a lot of ‘CHECK’ moments!

We started off shopping around LA and dined at one of the Mexican places with cheap ass margaritas that always seem to be in college towns (my friend Jules goes to USC). So I ‘warmed up’ for Vegas by somehow getting sloshed from one margarita  (glasses are because of the plane ride!).

Charms class drop out?

The waitor gave us tortillas, even though no one needed them...hilarity ensued!

Next it was off for cute times in Disneyland! The pedometer confirmed we walked 12 MILES THAT DAY between the two parks! Our unprepared feet were BARKING from the flip flops.

Jules and I got ears!!!

Terrifying ferris wheel....yes....it's possible. Here I am clinging for my life!

The next day we hit up the red carpet of Universal Studios, Hollywood! Hot as balls, but good times!


Riding Terminator 2! (SUPER!)

I fell in love!

Then it was GOODBYE LA, and HELLO SIN CITY!!!!

During the week we went to some of the hottest (Re: most expensive) night clubs in the world! Here is Tao (in the Venetian). I was in disbelief that places like this even existed. Luckily, Jules put us on lists every night we were there so we never had to pay!

Day 1 outfits! Mine looks cuter not under camera flash, and when you can see the fun back!

We met British friends, some were even on WIKIPEDIA!

But, you definitely have to PACE YOURSELF in Vegas…..

Spring Break at Tao Beach?!??!?!?!

That night Tryst at Wynn hotel was on the menu.

My bra was basically always showing, at least it was a fun color...

I was summoned to the pole for a cameo!

By the end of the night, my fishnets were crotchless! That is....A CHECK!

The next day we explored the strip and dined at Rainforest cafe where I couldn’t get enough of this snake despite the face it terrified me every time!

and decided to take on a show – Penn and Teller! They shoot each other! It’s awesome!

Saving the best club for last – XS in Encore hotel. It’s like all gold, and the gogo dancers are the hottest!

Sigh, such a crazy week. I’m glad I experienced it! I can definitely see why it’s easy to get into trouble in Vegas. But not gonna lie, it’s fabulous, and the lack of open container law definitely comes in handy when pre-gaming on the go!

I prefer more relaxing vacations where I can be active and go diving, but like I said, glad I got the Vegas experience!


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