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Woe to the Groin

Man, life has been non-stop since my trip. It’s crazy just how much more fun life can be in the Summer without the obligations of school work. I feel like there is still a paranoid voice in the back of my head making me feel like there is SOMETHING else I should be doing after work time…but….I don’t consciously know what that thing is! But, with all the fun, I haven’t been doing any standard issue running sessions for some time now. Nonetheless, I’ve lost 2 more pounds since the last time I weighed myself in early April – making me a respectable 5 pounds lighter since I started this blog. Honestly, I’ve been afraid to weigh myself since those awesome weeks I had before I went to Philly in April, because I felt like I might have gained it all back between my traveling/finals diets, much more drinking, and less exercise overall. So, the extra two pounds was icing on the cake! I still mostly just notice it in my face. I definitely need to start throwing in some muscle training soon – my arms be looking gangly and my legs have great potential hotness because of how long they are.

I’m not really TRYING to lose weight, but nonetheless, it’s a good metric to monitor occasionally, especially since I’m rapidly changing the way I eat by switching to a mostly vegetarian diet. I care much more about improving my fitness and general health – being the athlete I always dreamed of being but never bothered to pursue because of fear of failure or embarrassment.

Speaking of, I joined an ultimate frisbee team yesterday night. There is a summer league in town and I rather last minute decided to get placed on a team. I enjoyed throwing frisbee with my guy friends the first couple years of college, but I never played ultimate with them because it was deemed to rough for me. It’s something I’ve always wanted to get in to, but I never felt confident enough to stick my neck out and try – being brave enough to publicly suck for a while. Once you are out of college, you really have to try harder to get involved and meet people. I feel like I’m finally getting the confidence to be OK failing – trying lots of new things that could blow up in my face and seeing what sticks. You can endure anything for a couple hours right?

As for ultimate – It was sooooooo much running! And not just any running, like sprinting why the hell is the person I’m guarding so freaking fast running! And, I feel that sprinting in my groin today for sure. It’s weird, every time I do anything involving sprints my groin kills the next day. I need to stretch that out more it seems. And, it’s a shame talking about your groin isn’t regarded so highly in public yet hehe. They’re just muscles people!!!

The game itself was really fast paced too…like…I thought I understood the game and everything I knew was turned upside down: stacks, clearing, breaking, picks, flicks, dumps, cuts, etc. And ya know, with all the fast running it was kind of hard to figure it out. Fortunately, my team was really great. They taught me a lot and I got to ‘play’ a lot, even though most of the time I was just trying to figure out what the heck was going on. I think it’ll be really good exercise and a fun new skill to pick up – much more exciting than being a hamster at the gym so I’ll take it!


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