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One More Time!

So, over the last couple months I’ve been a traveling fiend it seems! It’s been awesome to catch up with my friends that seem to be scattered around the country, but I think I’m ready to stay in one place for a little while. As a little refresher:

March 14: Birthday trip to Charleston, WV

April 16: Spring fling in Philadelphia, PA

May 18: LA/Las Vegas

and now, June 4: Charlotte, NC for a little 5 year senior trip reunion.  We’d planned on doing another camping trip, but didn’t really get our act together soon enough. So instead we hung out in Charlotte and stayed one night at the great wolf lodge in concord. It’s basically a woodsy themed hotel with a built in water park you can use! Fun stuff! And, this one slide was the most terrifying/exhilerating/awesome thing ever: Like a backward 90 degree drop into this room where you just slid around manic-ly around this funnel.

I was REALLY not looking forward to the drive (550 miles total that weekend), but luckily…these dudes were worth it! We had a weekend of belly laughs and fun ! It’s great to be around friends you’ve known for such a long time. Andrew and I have been rocking together for like 11 years now! And the rest I’ve known nearly as long .

Then and Now!

Andrew and I, 5 years ago and today!

And as for me, Yeah, I'm pretty much still a total goofball!

It’s really great to explore the world – and while I hate being separated from awesome people I’ve met in the various places I’ve lived – it’s awesome to have people to visit nearly everywhere I go! And awesome to have reasons to go back home to WV! Here’s to an even more awesome/extreme 10 year reunion!


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