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A funk diagnosis and ripping off the metaphorical cardio band-aid!

So, the last week or so has been really funky. I’ve been exhausted when I get home from work- physically and emotionally drained. I was confused about the funk’s origin because life seemed OK – I was being social and doing fun thing….generally content. I was worried it might have been from going veg and ate some red juicy meat (courtesy of chipotle) to see if that made me feel any better – no dice. I was getting the standard 8ish hours of sleep that is practically law. I didn’t know what gave?! I contemplated that I might be anemic or missing some kind of vital nutrient…..Feeling that funky funkness made it hard to enjoy life.

Turns out the cure to the common funk was a little cardio – a gaggle of my BME peers and I hit the tennis courts monday night to blow off some steam and it was just what the funk doctor ordered. I felt so great for a full 24 hours. Funk Over! I’ve been wanting to find tennis buddies for a long time and was so glad I got some. Apparently the cure to my after work exhaustion is physical activity. The down side to that is it’s hard to motivate myself to be physical when I feel so exausted.

It surprises me how exhausting sitting at a desk for 8ish hours is……I feel much less tired when I have a job that involves more activity and stimulation than doing stuff at a computer.

Today I ripped off the cardio-band-aid (haven’t ran in like a month…oops…it happens?) and woke up at 6AM (<- Yes, 6 EFFING AM!) to run with a couple girls in my grad program. We are officially training for a 10K as of yesterday!

Don't I look excited to be up early?!

It was also one of the first times I ran at length outside, and boy was it humid. My asthma wheeze was in high gear. And I def wasn’t properly hydrated for the journey. I’m going to have to develop the perfect running pregame routine. But, the main goal for today was just getting back out there and initiating a new healthy habit.

Post run, yay endorphins, Happier K

After the run, I had a bowl of hot oats with mixed frozen berries, granola, flax, and almond  milk. The breakfast of champions with lots of good superfood action.

I like that the oats turn purple when I mix the berries in! Colors are fun!

Anywho, hopefully I can work on keeping myself funk free next week!


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