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Update from Home-home

Greetings from my hometown of Charleston, West Virginia – Sometimes wild, sometimes wonderful, for ever home. The drive was more congested than I usually like due to holiday traffic and…. none of my friends are in town, but even so…it’s good to occasionally walk around the soil of a very familiar place that I had 22 years to figure out. My GPS can get a well-deserved vacay. This time last year I was here working in retail Hell at Kohl’s department store and living with my parental units again (a task not without conflict, let me tell ya) – now I am one year into my graduate education. So much has happened in a year, and I’m very comfortable and happy to be on this side of it all. After one year I can say I’m happy in C-ville, VA, maybe this time next year I can say it is my home too (Can I get an awwww?).

I started this blog to find my joy again and I really think I have. By rejecting the Western diet (Yeah, I was just not that into you, sorry, babe) in March and starting to really focus on moving my body and changing my body, I have a new energy that makes happiness easier to obtain, if that makes any sense. I’m starting to think about spiritual things again. And I’m sticking my neck out more, trying new things so that I fill my days with things that more or less align with my goals.

With that being said, I’ve neglected the blog because I’ve been so good and busy and productive : )  So it was good neglect.

But, the main workout story of late has been tennis one evening a week, ultimate one night a week, running a couple days a week, and the occasional odd ball activity like the mass moving day I helped out with last week.  Tennis has been a really enjoyable one for me – great workout and SO much more fun than going to the gym. I’m glad I’m getting back into it and found some competition to motivate me.

Food wise – still abstaining from meat whenever possible, and feeling fabulous. I might write more on this later, but I just have new vim and vigor. I feel sexier when I don’t eat meat (yeah, don’t pay too much attention to that sentence if you’re immature like me hahaha). I eat more veggies. I am realizing I like a lot more veggies than I ever used to. I like food that crunches in a fresh way not a greasy way. I feel like I’m eating the way my body wants me to…like I finally found the magic bullet or whatever. I’m shedding fat (down about 6 pounds total since March) from my bod. And I feel like I made a lifestyle change – cutting back on meat made me stop craving sweets and salts and grease. It’s been the best, most sustainable ‘diet’ I’ve ever been on. And since I can cheat if I want – there are no feelings of deprivation. Win-win-win.

Anywho, that’s what’s going on in Karen land

Peace, and happy holiday!


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