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2 Home-Runs!

If there is a silver lining of none of my friends being in town for this trip back home, it is that I actually got some work outs in! I usually bring my running shoes home in hopes of getting some physical activity in, but then I’m busy balancing family and friends and it never happens. This weekend was pretty chill, so I ran Saturday and Sunday evenings at a nearby park. I think park running might be my new favorite outdoor type of running. It’s pretty hard to get lost in a loop….and…you still get the joy of being surrounded by green. It’s also really easy to pace and calculate distance when you’re in a known loop. But yeah, maybe I’m boring.

The workouts:

Saturday: Run/Walk 4 miles. Did intervals of half mile runs and one minute walks.

Sunday: Run/Walk 3 miles. Same type of intervals as above. It was a spur of the minute, kill time before neighborhood fireworks work-out.

Humidity was killer on the breathing both evenings, but I have to get used to the added challenge of running outside since that’s where the races are…

The motivational tunes: Ke$ha!! with a little Gaga on the side.

Both nights I feel like I tested my limits and held strong when things were tough. Progress may be slower than I thought it’d be, but onward I go!

Happy Birthday USA



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