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A Mile? No Big Deal! C25K Week 5 (the remix)

So, time for some exercise updates for this past week. So, I sneakily went back to following my long abandoned couch to 5K plan. It’s kind of a bummer – in March I was like a week away from finishing it and then this whirlwind of who knows what hit and running didn’t happen for a while. And when it did, it was sporadic and unplanned. I transitioned from treadmill to track/outside where my pace was faster, but I couldn’t run as long. Well, I’ve gotten my shit together, so now it’s back to a plan so I can get passed this 5K goal/hurdle that’s been on the horizon since more or less January!!!

So, this week runs have taken place in the AC filled and humidity free gym – no puffs of the inhaler needed!! I ran 10 min/mile pace, 1 lap = 1/10 of a mile!


Walk 2 laps

Run 10 laps

Walk 2 laps

Run 5 laps

Walk it out!

I was so excited to be able to run a mile without stopping! I’ve come so far since the days I was huffing and puffing during a 2 minute interval on the treadmill. I crossed the mile threshold to the song “I’ve Got a Feeling” by Black Eyed Peas. ‘Tonight was a good night’ indeedy!


Walk 3 laps

Run 12 laps!!

Walk 3 laps

Run 5 laps

Walk it out!

After today, running a mile felt like no sweat. I remember in elementary school how big of a deal the dreaded mile run was. It was my least favorite day of the year because I knew I would be last (and ya know, kids are mean) Now running a mile is just another Thursday night  : )

Man, I love feeling myself get more fit – even over the course of 2 days! This training thing makes me feel like I’m unstoppable – that if I work hard that there is nothing I can’t do!




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