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Celebrate as many holidays as you can….check.

What a surprisingly exciting Bastille Day I had! I mean, I’m not French or anything, so you can argue the day is no big whoop for me, but ever since I was a young thang and watched Beauty and the Beast I’ve been a little obsessed with French culture. I remember learning French phrases on-line (I can still count to 30 or so, but that’s about it) and even dressing up as things ‘French-a-fied’ for Halloween. One year I was a French M&M, which is basically an M&M with a beret and mustache…yeah…I was one quirky pre-teen. Eventually I outgrew it though, and made the ‘dumb’ decision to take Latin in Junior high instead of French. While translating original texts is kind of fun, it would be sweet to be able to speak a different language. The current plan is to audit a course in my third year (once my heavy course load is over).

But, France is back in my good graces after sampling some of the best wines I’ve ever tasted yesterday evening at a special Bastille Day wine tasting in Richmond, VA. Lately, I’ve become a total red wine convert, but yesterday I had some fabulous whites. These wines had so much more character and complexity than the wines I’ve been tasting around Virginia. And the bottles were so pretty! I may soon become a France junky again! The food, the wine…ahhhhh. I’m currently reading Michael Pollan’s In Defense of Food and he credits the French for eating less food and higher quality (Re: more expensive) food than Americans, which has made them an overall more healthy country than us. I’m sure I’ll have more to say when I’m done with the book, but I really think more people in this country could value what they decide to fuel their body with, realizing food is one of the key things we ‘do’ to stay alive. We should treasure ourselves and realize we deserve premium grade nourishment, eh?

Speaking of premium grade, at BarrelThief I also had the best grilled cheese of my life – Gouda with pear chutney – ooh la la!  Small portions and shamazing quality ingredients – in typical French style. It’s OK to eat this fatty morsel so long as you keep the portions in check and don’t do it every day! And let me tell you, this cheese was infinitely more satisfying than a Kraft singles slice, so I was very satisfied…very very!

After that, I went to my first country music concert with a friend. Wow, there was a lot of local color! But, honestly, I was getting really in to it when he sang ‘Redneck woman’  and ‘Hillbilly Bone’. I mean, I’m from West Virginia, I had sufficient ‘cred’ to be there.

The man of the hour: Blake Shelton

Lots of local color!

A cute honky tonk couple

Fun night! That ended with me picking up my bi-weekly crop share : ) I have a few days of crispy crunchy delicious fruits and veggies ahead of me courtesy of the local Mennonites! Glad I can support organic farming and enjoy the harvest myself! This week I got blueberries, peaches, nectarines, bibb lettuce, cucumber, tomato, squash, and corn!




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