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A Wannabe Cycler’s First Wild Ride

The more fitness blogs I read, the more seductive the idea of riding bikes has become to me. For one, I kind of hate driving and cars. This is partially because I am a total space cadet and get lost/turned around easily. That’s something I really miss about living in a city – being able to comfortably get around by foot and subway to almost anywhere. I lived next door to a grocery store and a movie theater, 10 blocks away from work/school, 20 blocks from nice parks, and 40 from the waterfront. A city is just designed for walking. But, now that I’m in a more spread out place, cycling may be able to fulfill my desire to travel by car less around town, and as I learned today, it’s quite a good workout!

Luckily, I found my cyclist yoda in Cville to help train me in the basics and shop for my first road bike! And what a good teacher he was, making me do little stopping, turning, and water bottle grabbing drills around a parking lot. Since I don’t have a bike yet, I rode his mountain bike with the tires switched out for road tires. And he let me borrow a jersey so I got to totally look the part. I’m glad cyclists can be a little vain and have cute matching outfits!

And while the hills of Cville, VA are nothing compared to the ones I grew up on in WV….damn. Cycling was more intense than I planned on. I got some pretty strong legs but my arms and abs are gonna need some work. But today was a good test of concept of the whole cycling thing, I think I can definitely get hooked! Cars were less intimidating than I feared, but I much preferred riding on the small tree covered roads further out of town.

End of the day, covered about 13 miles. And I was thoroughly exhausted. Especially after the huge hill I had to climb to get back. I feel like every hill today had a stop sign/red light in front of it…total buzz kill.

After refueling on PB+honey sandwiches, I went to a couple more shops to try out some bikes. I think I finally have an idea of what my size is and what feels right. So, I know what I’m looking for, yay. One shop ordered a promising bike in my size that I should get to test out next weekend! These bikes definitely handled much more smoothly than the mountain bike I ran earlier. I joked to my friend that it looked like a guy on steroids – big on the top with skinny legs (wheels).

I didn’t realize how hard it was to find a shop with bikes in your size – that was one unexpected hurdle in the shopping journey that I’ve had.

It’s exciting to learn new things, face fears, and challenge my body in new ways. Good Saturday!


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  1. I think you’re going to love cycling! You can get as nuts or keep it as casual as you want. Best of luck!

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