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Run, Baby, Run: C25K Week 5 Cont.

AH!  I feel sore in weird places after yesterday’s bike ride! It’s interesting though haha.

I ended up going for a Couch to 5K-esque run this afternoon:

The Details:

Walk to the Gym (0.8 miles)

Walk 2 laps in air conditioning bliss so I can stop sweating before the REAL sweating was to begin

Run 15 laps!!!

Walk 3 laps

I decided to run 5 more laps (even though I didn’t HAVE to according to my ‘training plan’)

Walk 3 laps, and then walked it back home (0.8 miles again, ya know the drill).

Good, strong run, but right now my left knee and ankle are pretty achey, so I think I need to take it easy on the running for a day or two. I felt such a high today after my run, I just wish my crappy, over-pronating feet would cooperate and stop giving my joints such grief!

I’m ‘secretly’ training for a 10K in September, but have been kind of keeping it slightly hush hush because I wasn’t sure how my body would react to increasing the mileage. Hopefully this is just me being paranoid and I’m back in running form in a couple days.

My other mini work-out of the day was moving some books over to my new apartment. I’m excited about the new pad and new roomie, but ughhh, transporting all your worldly possessions to a new resting place is pretty anxiety-inducing. I don’t feel like I have THAT much stuff, but it seriously makes me consider being a more minimalistic person every time I’m confronted with moving. I can’t wait to settle in a place and know I won’t have to do that for a long time. Hopefully this new apartment will last me a couple years at the least!




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