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Just Keep Pedaling – First Bike Ride in SNP

After a few days of dealing with icky moving chores, it was time to reward myself with a good workout. My bike coach took me to Skyline Drive in Shenandoah National Park. It had lots of hills to practice on and light traffic and a pretty low speed limit for cars (35 mph). So, it was a less intimidating place to play for a noob like me!

I did have a slight aneurysm loading up the bike in the car. I don’t like taking her apart yet..I’m overprotective : /

Anyway, once we got parked it was time to suit up. Here’s my teacher in his slick gear.

And me, fresh faced for now : P

Pretty much as soon as we left the parking lot, it was hillapalooza 1999! And this hill only went up up up….for around 5 miles….

And pretty much the whole first half up I kept chanting, I can’t I can’t I can’t…..Looking back, I want to slap myself.

I mean, it was tough. I had a slight hyperventilating moment half way up, but after getting my breath again, my buddy made me keep going. And as I screamed about how badly I wanted to stop, he just ignored me and kept going.

And, after the half-way point, I just decided I was going to own this hill. Even as I cursed around every bend when I saw that there was no end in sight….

And, I did it. I womaned up, and it felt glorious stopping at the overlook and looking at what I just conquered: 1000 feet of altitude and a lot of personal baggage….

I need to stop saying I can’t because every day I realize that I don’t even know the beginning of what I am capable of. I love the feeling of beating something I never thought was possible. That’s what this year and this blog has been about – pushing my limits and becoming an athlete, one day at a time.

And boy, did it feel good to go down : ) Though, I was scared to push passed 35 mph….I don’t trust myself or the bike enough yet….(And hey, that was the car speed limit anyway!)

If you’re interested in hearing more ramblings about today’s ride, check out my Vlog on my youtube channel. I’m participating in VEDA – Vlog Every Day in August. Should be interesting! And, if you’re one of my real life friends, don’t make fun of me too much….



2 Responses

  1. […] this journey this year this has already happened. Whenever I’m stuck I’m like: “Karen, you totally conquered hills bigger than this one, just keep putting one foot in front of the […]

  2. […] into situations that I never thought I’d be able to get to the other side of before (Ex: Newbie bike rider vs. 1000 feet ascent). I think it’s forcing yourself to try things that seem impossible and then coming out on the […]

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