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18ish Miles on Old Lynchburg

Biking is TUFF, ya’ll!

Yesterday, I planned a pretty chill date with my bike, Val (or so I thought!)… Fun fact about Val: Her full name is Valeria (pronounced Val -EER – ia). I took Latin in junior high/high school, and Valerius (male version) is the name of one of the oldest patrician families of Rome. It means ‘to be healthy/strong,’ which I thought pretty well reflected what I wanted to accomplish with her : P. Man, I think me and my bike need to get a room already….

Pre fuel: Apple Sauce (natural-ish…no sugar added at least)

The route: 18.22 miles – JPA/Old Lynchburg Road to Walnut Creek Park.

The improvements: Much less reliant on the brakes when going downhill. I think I still took some ‘chicken’ short brake taps right before a couple steep hills out of fear of the unknown, but…I won’t do it next time on this route…maybe. It’s really eerie going so fast and being so vulnerable, which I guess is a ‘joy’ of biking, but one that I’m getting used to slowly (maybe too slowly for my bike teacher).

I also worked on my water bottle grabs outside of the controlled parking lot setting. I let myself get a little dehydrated early on because I don’t like grabbing for it because it makes me go ‘floopy’ and off in the middle of the road. By the end of the ride I was sipping water even when my buddy didn’t yell at me to do it haha.

We had a really awkward couple minutes when he was trying to get me to grab a gu block and I just couldn’t free a steady hand to do it. It would have been funny if it wasn’t so pathetic at that moment.

The final big thing I worked on was biking straight in a small space. I improved a lot in this area yesterday.

There are definitely a lot more things to keep straight on real rides compared to spin class! But, I guess that’s the fun.

Other Comments: There were a lot of hills that I felt like I was giving it my all (Re: Scary huffing and puffing), but I didn’t dare quit after thinking about the beast I conquered last weekend. I’m glad I have that devil hill to look back on and remember that I’m stronger than my current situation.

I loved this ride, because those last couple miles I just felt the most comfortable I have ever felt riding. I was sipping my water, staying in my area, pedaling strong…I’m happy with my progress and look forward to the next wild ride.

post fuel: WAFFLES! with peanut butter, berries, and a dash of syrup. Best waffles of my life!


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