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Off the grid….

Hey all! It’s been a crazy week here in Karen-land. I’m off the grid, schedule wise!

Tuesday, the local electric people cut off the power in my apartment because the bill didn’t get switched over to my roommate’s name when she moved in a bit ago. It wasn’t totally tragic, but I did end up crashing at a friend’s place for 3 nights and had to get a lot of take out. My eating and exercise routines ended up getting mixed up.

Couch surfing, indeed! I recommend this couch though! Twas comfy!

Now I’m chilling in West Virginia at my parent’s place for the weekend. Saturday I went to a beautiful wedding of a girl I’ve known since 4th grade, I believe. She’s the first person MY age that I was friend’s with to get married (that I know of…). It’s kind of weird….apparently I’m of marrying age if I so desire to do so?? When did that happen?

Me ready for the wedding!

My hot companion for the day!

The ceremony was actually my favorite of all I’ve been to. It was outside in a nearby state park, which satisfies my inner hippie. And overall, it was just short, sweet, and simple which I thought made it feel more endearing and genuine. It was about getting married and being in love, and celebrating that with friends and family.

After I had a long catch up day with a dear friend, where we spilled our secrets and current life dramas to each other over ice cream and (later) soup! I seriously could eat all my calories from soup. I love the concept of throwing lots of flavorful things in a pot and seeing what happens.

Today I did more relaxing, catching up with friends, and squeezed a mini run in a park near my house. The run didn’t go as well as planned due to the humidity…After 2 miles I just kind of felt like I was drowning and couldn’t get productive breaths in. It was not the 5K of my dreams. I think I might have to do it inside the first time. This Southern humidity is killer. Well, hopefully I don’t let today’s failure get me down for tooo long.

It’s really hard being a vegetarian in West Virginia compared to Cville, Virginia. I struggled all weekend to eat properly- and I’ve been sneaking a lot of granola bars and cashews to get through the day. I’m kind of impressed I stayed strong for the most part. My tummy is glad we’re going to be going home tomorrow though, fo sho!




One Response

  1. I love the pics! Facebook those bitches!

    It was so great seeing you this weekend. Wish we would have had more time, but I’m glad I got you for a whole day! Thanks for being such a great friend, it really means a lot to me. I love you!

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