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Dead Batteries and Tour De Cville!!

This weekend was epic in a lot of ways despite a rough start (LITERALLY) on Friday night / Saturday when my car battery died. Situations like these really make me remember fondly how awesome it was to have a Daddy around to help you through these things. If nothing else, it’s convenient to have people on your side that will help rescue you with some battery juice. Thankfully, I’m not totally alone here in Cville – and I know an amazon woman who was willing to drag my butt around town looking for batteries, jumper cables, etc.

And she knows 80 thousand times more about cars than I do – all while looking pretty in a sundress.

Unfortunately, my car’s compactness got the better of us and we decided to run back to the car shop and use our feminine charms on the employees there so they’d change the battery for me. I did not have the right tools for the job. The VW beetle does make everything more difficult under the hood. Luckily I don’t have to deal with it that often and….she’s cute! So, I get over it :).

And while it would have been nice to have my Dad help me out with this, it is immensely satisfying knowing I can figure it out on my own. It may have taken me 5 times as long, but I did it.

Today I had one of those awesome days where you are a tourist in your hometown – doing things you never would unless you were showing out-of-towners around. Today I tagged along with my roommate’s family for a few hours and we were lucky enough to be at King’s Family Vineyards on a harvest day! We even got to try some of the Merlot grapes. During most tours, you just hear them explain the process, so it was sweet getting to see the people in action.

And, got to sample some delicious wines ; )

It smelled so good in there……

After the winery, we checked out a nearby peach orchard and gathered up some of the last peaches of the season.

And, just when I thought this day couldn’t get any more eventful I met up with some fellow graduate students to go on a leisure bike ride around town. A couple had very little road biking experience so it was great to help introduce them to the open road. As I heard one guy complain about a hill – I remembered that being me just 2-3 weeks ago and am happy at how quickly my endurance has improved. I mapped out our route as about 20 miles – a distance that usually tires me out good and plenty – but today I still feel ready to rock and roll!

A couple in our group was even on a tandem bike!

I try to improve something new on every ride – today I worked on timing my shifts a little better and being able to signal left without wiping out. That last one still needs quite a bit of work!

After the ride we had dinner and beer and enjoyed the beautiful weather!

Things I loved about today’s ride:

1. Being a part of introducing new riders to the sport.

2. Meeting new people.

3. Doing something active with friends – I need to work out so I might as well have a great time doing it.

4. Slowing down compared to my usual rides and appreciating the beauty of where I live.

5. Noticing improvements in my comfort level on the bike. I so much more steady, so cars passing don’t phase me much any more.

I hope this becomes a semi-regular thing, because I’m so much more likely to work out when it has a social component to it as well. I need as many people as I can to keep my on track, especially now that classes have started again (though, I’m still in homework denial on that one!).


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