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Triple Check.

MmmmM! I feel sort of like a triathlete again this week because I ran, swam, and went on a bike ride. SHAZAM! That’s 3!

The run was another 5K – The best part about it was that cardiovascularly I felt like I could have kept on going (which is kind of an ego boost for new runner Karen). But, despite that I had a stomach cramp from the really spicy curry fest I had for dinner. These occurrences reinforce the inkling that I SHOULD be getting up early in the mornings to run….it’s just so painful to even think about. I’m already getting up 2 hours earlier than undergraduate Karen….Ah, Adulthood.

The bike ride was just awesomely beautiful. I felt like I was in a virtual reality postcard…only…it was real reality!  There were some steep climbs, but I never let myself quit….even during the seconds when my whole leg was experiencing a scary burning sensation. It was great to really enjoy the better functioning of my bike since her tune up too! Funnily enough, I’m still not used to the new bike shorts. I’m not used to having as much padding in the back and never fail to get stuck whenever I try to take a seat in the saddle. It would be cute if it wasn’t so annoying.

And the swim today was truly cathartic. I think part of ‘Staying Sunny’ is having good habits in place so that when life gets you down, you cope with positive behaviors. Today I really felt like I left a lot of negativity in the pool (and hot tub!! win!). I swam for 40% more than usual and felt faster, especially my breast stroke. I left the gym feeling strong and ready for a new beginning. The dramas of the Summer seemed to have worked themselves out for the time being. The time at the pool was just a reminder that I need to keep focusing on becoming who I want to be and that I’m succeeding : ).


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