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The one where I spaz about time management

I feel so overwhelmed again! So, instead of staring off into space and feeling my heart rate and blood pressure escalate, I figured I would blog about it.

Again, I am confronted with the seemingly impossible task of how to fit everything into my day as an engineering graduate student. And, it’s tough!

It’s kind of like having a full time job and taking classes at the same time, and then trying to figure out how to have time to make all my meals, sleep 8ish hours (emphasis on the ‘ish’), and like do my homework. Oh. And working out too?! Yeah, about that…

It just hasn’t been happening the last couple weeks.. This summer I had a nice little system and schedule of checks and balances worked out. I’d tennis it up on Monday, Swim on Tuesday, Bike on Wednesday and Saturday, and Run the other days. And, a lot of that had a social component tagged on to keep me accountable.

To top it all off this week I had my first late night in the lab for a couple months. It’s so depressing. I don’t want this living in the hospital complex crap to start up again.

And, after talking to my boss today, I have more work to do again, and I’m excited about it…but what about this paper for class?

But…I want to run too! I want it all!


so yeah, With these new things I guess I’m going to have to learn how to find some kind of balance and system I’m cool with again. But, as of right this very second I just feel overwhelmed….and hoping that this year is indeed easier than last….I mean, I promised my worrying mom it would be (haha).

This blog may get ‘interesting’ again soon. For now, I’m making the eating thing a priority over working out. But,  I hope I work some time management miracles soon and figure out if I can have it all. I mean, this is America, dammit!

I’ll stop spazzing for now. If any other grad students or people who work crazy hours have any tips for me about how they fit in healthy habits, leave them below, please : )


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