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Cure for the common funk part 2

If you’ve noticed, the blog (and by extension, my work-out schedule) has had quite the dry spell.

After my last post, I was hit by a lot of crap all at once. End of summer funk…a couple heart aches…school work…and preparing for a conference in Texas for work. Now that I’ve dealt with the primary impact of a lot of that, it’s time to figure out how to fit some activity back in.

Last thursday I went on my first run in over a month! That day I had felt like complete Sh*t. Headache. Groggy. Dead inside. The works. So, even though a lot of people were over at my house to play poker, I decided to go out and run instead. And I came back feeling alive again.

And that, my friends, it WHY I make an effort to work out regularly. Because when I don’t the FUNK sets in. And when I get burried in the funk like I was I forget the simple cure to climb out of it: sweat, activity, and endorphins.

I continued the momentum this weekend and went on a 20 mile bike ride on saturday. I was not overly excited about it because it had been 3 weeks and I knew it was going to hurt. A new pain I experienced was heavy breathing (going up hills) in the cold autumn air. It really burns your chest.

Biking in Virginia can really test your will when going up some big hills. It’s amusing to hear the stuff I say to myself. It alternates between manic cursing and chanting affirmations about choosing to finish what I started and that I can do anything and that I should do something I’ll be proud of in an hour. And on a road bike, giving up is a bigger deal than slowing down on a run. Because if you don’t do it right, you fall down.

The ride was beautiful though. I wish I wasn’t such a biking n00b and could balance and take pics along the ride. I saw tons of horses and pretty farms and colorful trees. It made me not hate fall so much for a little bit : )

And sunday, I swam. And I thoroughly exhausted myself.

Hopefully I keep up the momentum! I don’t like being funky Karen (unless it’s on the dance floor?) What are some of the things you do to get yourself out of a funk?


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