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My first pumpkin carving!

I’m kind of a Fall Hater….not because I really hate Fall, but because I don’t fall (!) for the propaganda and fun of Fall. I see Fall as an omen of WINTER and darkness and cold and sickness (I have a curse to get every cold bug that comes within a mile radius of me it seems). Even more, I see fall as the end to the care free days of Summer – a time for homework and long nights in the lab.

Nonetheless, I carved my first pumpkin last weekend and it was pretty sweet!

It may sound weird that I’ve never done it before, but my mom always told me it was too messy. Therefore we painted designs on the pumpkins instead.

Now that I’m a 23 year old woman, it was time to get down and dirty!

I went for the classic scary jack-o-lantern paradigm.

My buddies were much more ambitious with their designs. Here we are with our carving devices : )

And when life gives you pumpkins, you CAN’T throw away the seeds. We roasted these babies with tons of spices (we had a sweet and a caliente batch) and they were delicious.

So, while I’m still terrified that winter is nie (!!!), my heart softened a little bit for the season that is autumn. Hopefully the warmth lasts!


One Response

  1. This made me really want to carve a pumpkin. I had no plans to and I claim to be a lover of Fall! You just make it look like so much fun.

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