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Concussed again?

Yep. Here I am in my bed chilling out with another concussion. It’s more mild than last time, but it was weird because the symptoms had pretty delayed onset or something. I hit my head pretty hard on Tuesday night before I went to bed, felt pretty fine yesterday, and this morning felt really nauseated and disoriented. Also, my head hurt. Having gone through this before, and feeling a bump on my head, I was kind of paranoid and decided to get checked out for peace of mind (and student health is free for grad students, woo! not even a co-pay!). The doctor gave me a neuro exam, made me feel like less of an idiot for coming in, but gave me some peace of mind that I was ok…probably just some kind of second concussion syndrome type thing, where since I’ve had a recent concussion it’s easier for me to get another one. Fun right? I was instructed to take a mental and physical break, and “not think too hard about anything.” It’s a little boring to be honest.

I feel ok – just tired, and kind of dizzy and shaky when i stand up. My head hurts, but it’s not as bad as last time. I’m confident I should bounce back pretty fast. It’ll be hard not working out! I really planned on getting some stress relief sprints today : /.

Today in my boredom I watched the movie “eat pray love.” Do yourself a favor and DONT watch it if you haven’t. So boring. I’m disappointed in Julie – I expect better from her.

But yeah. I’m just chilling. And bored!


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  1. Ah, no. Hope you feel better soon.

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