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Saturday musings of the concussed

Being alone drives me crazy.

I’m a total extrovert. I don’t know how obvious it is, because I’m a shy extrovert, but I thrive when people surround me.

After spending 3 days in ‘captivity’ in my room, I’m slowly going insane. I feel restless. I feel like I’m wasting my life. I know this is totally an over reaction, but, ALAS! Here we are.

Sometimes I also struggle with the fact that this blog is not anonymous. It makes me bite my tongue (or fingertips?) in a lot of instances. It makes me be vague when I don’t want to be. While maybe it makes me less entertaining, it’s probably good I only write things that are fit for the world to see. I can’t really think of that reason right now, but it’s a general feeling I have. I do think it makes me be less emo (more sunny) to have my identity stamped to my ramblings.

I have a total crush on this guy, ya know. He keeps intruding my thoughts today. I keep thinking of the last time I saw him and he hugged me, and I wish it could have lasted longer. I’m REALLY not a huggy person, but I could get used to his. I keep thinking about how he is a genuinely nice guy…how I notice sweet things about him that I wish I could tell him without sounding like a blubbering idiot. I love how he makes an effort to connect to new people even though sometimes I have a tiny pang of jealousy when he does. I love when he smiles at me, or laughs at me from across the room when I have a clumsy/awkward moment. Yes, I have a crush, and I think he does too…I just wish something would start happening there. Maybe it has, and in a few months I’ll read this post again and laugh to myself. I just get frustrated sometimes not being able to see inside his head. And, I guess I’m scared too.

I wish I could dance tonight, but I should do the smart thing and continue to rest and protect my brain. God knows I have few physical talents to offer to the job market. I plan on breaking bank with my brain, so I should take care of her. Ahhh, responsibility!

Hope you are are having exciting memorial day weekends 😛


Restless in C-ville.


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