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An interlude at home

So, I’m back in WV for a few days, and honestly, I’m quite bored at the moment. That’s the con to being an extrovert. I really thrive by being around people. And, there’s not a whole lot of that right now. Most of my home town peeps are elsewhere at the moment. I usually try to plan my trips home to get me the most bang and see lot of people, but that didn’t work out so well this time. I have a wedding to go to tomorrow, which should be fun. It’s actually been 6 months to the day since I’ve last made the trip home. I’m pretty sure this is the longest period of time to date that I’ve stayed away. I actually think this is a really good sign. I’m laying down roots, enjoying my new life in C-ville, and feeling less need to escape to the familiar.

My parents are good people, but we don’t really have much in common. Sometimes that feels isolating. But, I’ve learned in the last year or so to really manage my expectations and not get too worked up about not having the same kind of familial relationships other people have. My relationship with my mom has slowly gotten better over the last several years and my relationship with my dad will probably never be fully what I want. I used to think he didn’t care, but I think he just shows it in different, non-obvious ways like…washing my car this morning!

My parents will likely never get me. Never get why I want to spend so many years in school, why I want to be a vegetarian, or work out so much, or keep myself so busy, or run off to live in cities. But, I appreciate all they gave me to get me here to the person I am today. While I feel like I have pretty much nothing in common with most of my family, I know they gave me a lot, and always have my back. This is a lot more than most people can say. So I guess I’ll get over the fact we are not going to hang out much or talk every day on the phone about personal things in my life.

Being at home makes me realize how much I miss living in such a nice house. I forgot water pressure could be so intense and amazing. And air conditioning…ohhhhh air conditioning! Ice machines. and Washer and drier on site. So good.

Being in Charleston makes me miss Charlottesville. I love how health conscious the city is. Charleston is bigger and also surrounded by mountains, but Charlottesville is more full of life and vim. I’m so glad I live there. Being away this time makes me realize that somewhere in the last 6 months it really became my home and a part of me. I love it.

Well, tomorrow is a wedding of a friend from high school! Man, we are totally old enough for these adult things. I guess I feel that way, but at the same time I still feel like a kid :).


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