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Thoughts post Turk Mountain Hike

Dear Blog world,

Hello! Despite my best intentions I have abandoned you this year. It’s semi-ironic really – I started this blog because I wanted to change my life in 2010. And, I did. I really did. I feel like a totally different person than I was a little over a year ago. In fact, I think it’s so amazing I would talk anyone’s ear off about it if they would let me. And if I could summarize the things that have made me change the most, it would be throwing myself into situations that I never thought I’d be able to get to the other side of before (Ex: Newbie bike rider vs. 1000 feet ascent). I think it’s forcing yourself to try things that seem impossible and then coming out on the other side that changes you from the inside out. It’s made me a much more confident and happy person and better able to go after what I want.

So it’s for this reason I like ‘extreme’ workouts. And this past weekend I went on a kind of extreme hike. This hike was easily 2.5 times the length of the longest hike I’d ever been on before. It was a 10.5 mile 2400 ft. ascent hike in shenandoah national park. Much like that fateful august 1 bike ride, there was a point halfway up that mountain that I really just didn’t think I could take anymore of it, and the end seemed no where in sight. My quads burned, I was hot, dripping with set, and my heart was pounding. But, you know what, I did it and this view was my reward:

Don’t you wish you could eat lunch there every day?!

Some good things about going on that long of a hike (~5 hours), is that you really get a good ‘real world’ detox by the end of it. It’s a great mental cleanse. And this hike was pretty solitude-licious, which is good for even the extrovert like me every so often.

The most fun part of this hike were the stream crossings. The friend I went with had to work together to get to the other side (it’s a good thing we’re both dancers). It was nice little problem solving and trust building exercise.

But anyway, I think I have a new addiction forming. My legs killed me the next couple days, but I think that just makes me want to go on another long hike soon even more. When you work out hard, the muscles you’re using break themselves and rebuild over the next couple days – stronger than before. I think that happens with your mind too – every time you push your limit an inch or two more. You keep building yourself back up stronger than before. I really think that’s been the key to my success post 2010, and I look forward to continuing to redefine just what I’m capable of : ).

Anyway, I look forward to trying to blog more regularly now that classes are more or less over. I’ve actually been quite busy this past semester – getting involved in a few new things. I look forward to dishing soon! ❤