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Microbe Fail

I regrettably am taking a day off working out today. I’ve been battling a mild cold since Sunday and today I hit the “I can breathe through my nose” phase, which is always super annoying. I’ll do a little ab work before I go to sleep, but running and yoga are out of the picture.

During this week I’ve been keeping up with my cold tradition of Airborne (or any generic form of it, I use Target or CVS brand) when I wake up and go to sleep and Zicam quick dissolve tablets every 4 hours during the daytime. When I do this, half the time I don’t get a full cold, and when I do, it’s a lot more mild. Honestly, until today this cold was a breeze. I skipped out on the really sore throat (just got a bit scratchy) , fever, chills, and general malaise. I’ll take a scratchy throat and stuffy nose over that other stuff any day. My med student roommates definitely think I’m full of crap, but I figure, even if it’s only a placebo effect, I don’t really care. All that matters is feeling better.  So, I recommend trying this remedy the next time you get that scratchy throat precursor cold feeling (if ya know what I mean). It’s helped me avoid a lot of colds this year (working at the hospital and taking university classes sucks for that).

Tomorrow afternoon I’m headed home to Charleston, WV for my birthday weekend. The big 2-3 is coming up this Sunday. This time last year for Spring Break I was in beautiful Belize diving, meeting cute Canadians, and bumming on the beach. Since that’s out of the picture this year, at least I get to take a little relaxy time for my Spring Break. It’s been so detoxing being able to veg out when I get home from work instead of slaving over homework assignments.

I’m going to pack some workout DVDs and clothes home with me. Could be wishful thinking though, but we shall see!