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Concussed again?

Yep. Here I am in my bed chilling out with another concussion. It’s more mild than last time, but it was weird because the symptoms had pretty delayed onset or something. I hit my head pretty hard on Tuesday night before I went to bed, felt pretty fine yesterday, and this morning felt really nauseated and disoriented. Also, my head hurt. Having gone through this before, and feeling a bump on my head, I was kind of paranoid and decided to get checked out for peace of mind (and student health is free for grad students, woo! not even a co-pay!). The doctor gave me a neuro exam, made me feel like less of an idiot for coming in, but gave me some peace of mind that I was ok…probably just some kind of second concussion syndrome type thing, where since I’ve had a recent concussion it’s easier for me to get another one. Fun right? I was instructed to take a mental and physical break, and “not think too hard about anything.” It’s a little boring to be honest.

I feel ok – just tired, and kind of dizzy and shaky when i stand up. My head hurts, but it’s not as bad as last time. I’m confident I should bounce back pretty fast. It’ll be hard not working out! I really planned on getting some stress relief sprints today : /.

Today in my boredom I watched the movie “eat pray love.” Do yourself a favor and DONT watch it if you haven’t. So boring. I’m disappointed in Julie – I expect better from her.

But yeah. I’m just chilling. And bored!


A funk diagnosis and ripping off the metaphorical cardio band-aid!

So, the last week or so has been really funky. I’ve been exhausted when I get home from work- physically and emotionally drained. I was confused about the funk’s origin because life seemed OK – I was being social and doing fun thing….generally content. I was worried it might have been from going veg and ate some red juicy meat (courtesy of chipotle) to see if that made me feel any better – no dice. I was getting the standard 8ish hours of sleep that is practically law. I didn’t know what gave?! I contemplated that I might be anemic or missing some kind of vital nutrient…..Feeling that funky funkness made it hard to enjoy life.

Turns out the cure to the common funk was a little cardio – a gaggle of my BME peers and I hit the tennis courts monday night to blow off some steam and it was just what the funk doctor ordered. I felt so great for a full 24 hours. Funk Over! I’ve been wanting to find tennis buddies for a long time and was so glad I got some. Apparently the cure to my after work exhaustion is physical activity. The down side to that is it’s hard to motivate myself to be physical when I feel so exausted.

It surprises me how exhausting sitting at a desk for 8ish hours is……I feel much less tired when I have a job that involves more activity and stimulation than doing stuff at a computer.

Today I ripped off the cardio-band-aid (haven’t ran in like a month…oops…it happens?) and woke up at 6AM (<- Yes, 6 EFFING AM!) to run with a couple girls in my grad program. We are officially training for a 10K as of yesterday!

Don't I look excited to be up early?!

It was also one of the first times I ran at length outside, and boy was it humid. My asthma wheeze was in high gear. And I def wasn’t properly hydrated for the journey. I’m going to have to develop the perfect running pregame routine. But, the main goal for today was just getting back out there and initiating a new healthy habit.

Post run, yay endorphins, Happier K

After the run, I had a bowl of hot oats with mixed frozen berries, granola, flax, and almond  milk. The breakfast of champions with lots of good superfood action.

I like that the oats turn purple when I mix the berries in! Colors are fun!

Anywho, hopefully I can work on keeping myself funk free next week!

Hackety Hack Hack!

MMMmmm! So last night I crossed that 20 minute run milestone in my pseudo couch to 5K! It felt awfully awesome. And based on how my runs were going a couple weeks ago, I know it would have been fine if I wasn’t STILL dealing with the crud in my lungs. Every time I get something akin to a head cold (Re: mucous), I get a lingering cough and asthma complications. I’m out of a lot of my leftover hard core prescription stuff from October, and am trying to avoid another doctor visit. Paying for medicine annoys me a lot. I didn’t ASK to be sick..boo. Oh well, I’ll suck it up and try to remember what the doctor said during my post-concussion pain killer use: It’s better to just tackle it on up front with the dose you need instead of trying to be a hero and half assing it for a longer amount of time.

Yeah, none of this is attractive, I’m sorry : /.

But, if I can run 20 minutes with my lungs feeling like this, I’m optimistic for what I’ll be able to accomplish when I get back to normal! And now that spring has sprung, hopefully I’ll be done with my risk for acquiring more ‘crud’ from my med student roommates. On all the asthma stuff I’ve read they say stuff like ‘AVOID GETTING SICK.’ Isn’t that what everyone tries to do haha. But, I definitely get their point. Siiiiiiigh. We’ll see how tomorrow’s work out goes!

Coming Clean, Let the Rain Fall, Yada Yada (Roll Eyes)

Man. I am really figuring out that just because the stress and angst are over, doesn’t mean your body is just going to flip back to how things were before. I’ve been struggling with caffeine dependence, insomnia, and general malaise ever since last week. I can tell my immune system has been compromised. I didn’t really get a cold cold, but general asthma and allergy-esque crud. So, I haven’t been working out for a while, hence my reluctance to post. But, a big part of this blog is accountability, so I figured it was about friggin time I come clean.

I was definitely disappointed not to be able to work out much though. I was getting so excited by my results and wanted to keep up the momentum!

And, more accountability – I went to Philadelphia this weekend to visit people! And Saturday was definitely a hot mess unclassy day and night. So starting tomorrow it’s veggie and workout overload time! Today it’s, clean up my life space and surroundings time. 1.5 weeks ago I was on like a life high of energy and power because of how awesome I was eating and working out. This week I’m fighting for it back. I went to the grocery store and bought lots of fruits and veggies to stuff myself with. It’s going to rock!

Oh, and please observe that I’ve changed the layout and design of the blog a bit. I encourage you to click the orange button on the right to subscribe to this feed if you are interested. That way you can keep track of updates through google and I don’t have to be a link whore all the time on gchat and twitter. Also, I added a ‘blog roll’ page with link to some of my favorite blogs. Most of them are food/fitness or personal finance related. This summer I plan on doing a personal finance overhaul following the principles I read in a book last year. I think it’ll be fun! I’m good at saving, but I need to be smarter about where I put the money I’m saving and start up an IRA and stuff.

Also coming soon: A check post of some pics from my weekend in Philly – I think you’ll soon understand why I need a veggie/rehydration-centric detox this week hehe!

Cluster(@#%#)’s and Game Over

Should this be my official couch to 5K graphic?!

Yesterday I got back to my running program. I was a little weary to actually go out, because my nose was still pretty stuffed up from the cold. But, by some awesome happenstance, as soon as I started running everything cleared out nicely and I had a good run. Sorry for the potentially graphic mental image…

According to my training program, I’m somewhere in the catacombs of Week 4. The plan for yesterday was:

Walk 4 Minutes, 4 intervals of Run 5 minutes Walk 1 minute, Walk 2 Minutes, and STRETCH!

But, in my program I’ve really enjoyed being flexible within the cage of a tentative plan. OK, that sentence makes no sense, I just used a lot of fun words. What I mean is, it’s nice to have a plan. It makes me get moving a lot more and train myself harder than I ever did when I let myself run on ‘standby.’ But it’s also good to be flexible within that plan. So while the plan makes me go for more and go out more, I adjust depending on how my body is acting that day. Yesterday, the cold was aggravating the asthma a bit, so I ended up doing this:

Walk 4 minutes, Run 5, Walk 1, Run 5, Walk 1, Run 3, Walk 3, Run 4, Walk 1, Run 4, Walk 3, annnnnd STRETCH!

So, while I had to catch my breath good in the middle, I made up for it by running a little more in the end. Honestly, During that last run when I was trying to make the total run time equal to my plan my favorite song to run to came on and it pushed me further.

That was until the treadmill decided to GAME OVER on me at the 30 minute mark. It was a fail, because I didn’t get to look at my end distance stats.

I had to be on one of those GAME OVER treadmills right in front of the basketball players because for some reason the gym was PACKED even at 9 PM last night. People must have been unhappy with how they looked in their suits during spring break last week or something. Hopefully these people give up on their goals soon (even though that sounds very selfish….I like MY treadmill ok?).

But wow, Running, you just earned yourself a new fan club member. When I got off the treadmill my quads had this lovely burning feeling. Working towards running goals really expands the possibilities of what I think I can accomplish in this world. It feels so good to achieve fitness goals I never thought I would. After like 6 weeks, I was able to more or less get over the flat foot/pronating issues that always stopped me before. And now I’m slowly kicking passed the asthma barriers.

I’m heading toward that 5K slowly but surely, folks.

Microbe Fail

I regrettably am taking a day off working out today. I’ve been battling a mild cold since Sunday and today I hit the “I can breathe through my nose” phase, which is always super annoying. I’ll do a little ab work before I go to sleep, but running and yoga are out of the picture.

During this week I’ve been keeping up with my cold tradition of Airborne (or any generic form of it, I use Target or CVS brand) when I wake up and go to sleep and Zicam quick dissolve tablets every 4 hours during the daytime. When I do this, half the time I don’t get a full cold, and when I do, it’s a lot more mild. Honestly, until today this cold was a breeze. I skipped out on the really sore throat (just got a bit scratchy) , fever, chills, and general malaise. I’ll take a scratchy throat and stuffy nose over that other stuff any day. My med student roommates definitely think I’m full of crap, but I figure, even if it’s only a placebo effect, I don’t really care. All that matters is feeling better.  So, I recommend trying this remedy the next time you get that scratchy throat precursor cold feeling (if ya know what I mean). It’s helped me avoid a lot of colds this year (working at the hospital and taking university classes sucks for that).

Tomorrow afternoon I’m headed home to Charleston, WV for my birthday weekend. The big 2-3 is coming up this Sunday. This time last year for Spring Break I was in beautiful Belize diving, meeting cute Canadians, and bumming on the beach. Since that’s out of the picture this year, at least I get to take a little relaxy time for my Spring Break. It’s been so detoxing being able to veg out when I get home from work instead of slaving over homework assignments.

I’m going to pack some workout DVDs and clothes home with me. Could be wishful thinking though, but we shall see!