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Food, Friends, Budget Making, and Lunch

The last few days have been cheered by good food and good company! After a hot 18 mile bike ride Sunday, I received an awesome surprise when me and my bike crashed back into the door to my apartment: FOOD and friends. And it was delicious, vegetarian, fresh produce-filled goodness! It was a perfect way to christen my new silverware, tumblers, and apartment. We were even extra classy and used salad forks and wine glasses.

I love fresh basil!

And yesterday night, a friend and I met to work on our budgets! Every one I’ve mentioned this to has given me ‘crazy eyes,’ but I am happy to finally start keeping a closer eye on my finances. I just needed a little accountability to get me motivated. I have been pretty embarassed because I know quite a bit about personal finance through books I’ve read and blogs, but I haven’t implemented a lot of what I know. I need to cut back in areas that aren’t important to me, and start saving more and investing. Even though I don’t make much as a graduate student, I definitely feel like I could be doing more with what I have.

To ease the discomfort of a budget party, we made an elaborately delicious spanish themed meal with tons of fresh produce!

Fresh produce, FTW

cilantro and lime for the rice!

And, I grated cheese for the first time! Haha, whatta fun life aspiration to get out of the way!

Our crazy yet delicious Spanish themed cheese

One of the big win categories we both had when we looked at our spending is eating out. And to help us save more of our current spending there, we have started a little competition entitled: Taking Back Lunch (wait for applause).

Basically, the goal is to pack lunch as many days in a row as possible. Throughout undergrad and the beginning of grad school, I was in the habit of packing lunch every day but I feel like being social in the department has had a bad effect on me in this area. I hope I can at least go a month without eating a lunch out again and by that time I’ll hopefully be used to it and it won’t feel hard…but…like second nature!

Lunch number one was the leftovers from the night before. They were so delicious I couldn’t even wait to eat long enough to take a picture hehe.

Classes started today! I can’t believe Summer is over, it has been awesome! What are some of your favorite things to pack for lunch? I need ideas if I’m going to win this ; )