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Arrrr and Arrrr

Hey – Before we get to the rest of this post…Remember VEDA?! Well, we decided to start doing Vlogs every week and the first topic is QUESTIONS. In order to do this I need you ALL to ask me some. Don’t be shy. Ask whatever you want! The more interesting and random the questions the better my video will be. Leave some in the comments or email me at Stayingsunny@gmail.com if you’re shy : ) ┬áIt’ll make my day (for serious).

Love you, now on to the blog:


If you follow me on Twitter, you know I’ve been having interpersonal angst out the wazoo for the last week. Thursday night I really thought I had hit my own personal rock bottom. I allowed myself to be vulnerable-accept-no-substitutes Karen, and, I got a totally surprising heart wrenching outcome. That with all the stresses of being in class again…well, I needed to get the HELL out of C-Ville.

So, away I went on a church retreat a couple hours away with a couple church friends. I’m reluctant to say much about religion on here. While, I’m open and accepting with what other people believe, I know some people get uncomfortable even when the topic is mentioned. But, finding what I believe again has been an important (though unspoken) part of my Staying Sunny mission this year. In college I let everything I believed in High School fall away. I never had any religious friends, so it was hard to stay motivated in that department – and very easy to just stop trying.

The camp! It was very motel-like.

But, coming back, I definitely feel like I made a semi significant stride on this journey, and I feel like a stronger Amazonian Karen. I have this weird better perspective over what happened the last couple months.

And, despite being away enjoying camp food, I managed to stay pretty Vegetarian. I did have to pop antacids like a BOSS after every meal though. It was sooo greasy compared to standard issue Karen fare.

Replaced the chicken with a Boca patty

We also went on a mini hike on Saturday. It was a total misadventure because the trails were so random and kept ending in forks. Good thing we had 3 iphones in the group and managed to make it back!

Not the best views on this excursion. And one of our turns ended in a barbed wire blockade!

And now, I’m back in the Ville, and hitting the ground running. I’ve been a busy bee getting some work outs in and also getting lots of lab and school work in. The getaway definitely was a fabulous mental tidy for the Kare-meister.

Now LEAVE ME SOME QUESTIONS : ) !! (Please!)