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Triple Check.

MmmmM! I feel sort of like a triathlete again this week because I ran, swam, and went on a bike ride. SHAZAM! That’s 3!

The run was another 5K – The best part about it was that cardiovascularly I felt like I could have kept on going (which is kind of an ego boost for new runner Karen). But, despite that I had a stomach cramp from the really spicy curry fest I had for dinner. These occurrences reinforce the inkling that I SHOULD be getting up early in the mornings to run….it’s just so painful to even think about. I’m already getting up 2 hours earlier than undergraduate Karen….Ah, Adulthood.

The bike ride was just awesomely beautiful. I felt like I was in a virtual reality postcard…only…it was real reality!  There were some steep climbs, but I never let myself quit….even during the seconds when my whole leg was experiencing a scary burning sensation. It was great to really enjoy the better functioning of my bike since her tune up too! Funnily enough, I’m still not used to the new bike shorts. I’m not used to having as much padding in the back and never fail to get stuck whenever I try to take a seat in the saddle. It would be cute if it wasn’t so annoying.

And the swim today was truly cathartic. I think part of ‘Staying Sunny’ is having good habits in place so that when life gets you down, you cope with positive behaviors. Today I really felt like I left a lot of negativity in the pool (and hot tub!! win!). I swam for 40% more than usual and felt faster, especially my breast stroke. I left the gym feeling strong and ready for a new beginning. The dramas of the Summer seemed to have worked themselves out for the time being. The time at the pool was just a reminder that I need to keep focusing on becoming who I want to be and that I’m succeeding : ).


Thoughts on Tri-Sport and Why I Work Out These Days

Being a ‘triathlete’ is exhausting, but exhilarating. I use the quotes because I feel like I am such a n00b at all 3 diciplines that calling myself a triathlete is poser-like. But you can’t deny that I run, I swim, I bike (and I play :D). When one muscle group is resting, I tackle the other ones. And, I’m finding variety really is the spice of life. I can usually convince myself to do one of the three things even if I don’t necessarily feel like running. I think once my skill set gets a little bit more of a foundation that biking is going to be my favorite. You can make it as casual or as intense as you want to really.

I run because I want to prove that I can. Plus, I like running because it can be mindless if that’s what I need, and a good way to release stress in a positive way. I swim for the strength training (and for the hot tub….). I bike because I love it: going fast…mechanical nerdy noises…gadgets….pretty scenery….going on adventures. And, I have awesomely long legs, so I might as well use them.

So, here are my end of the week workouts:

Thursday: The plan was to bike, but thunderation killed that thought, so I met a buddy at the pool and we did some laps. I swam 550 meters and kicked 400 meters (with flippers). Swimming is still pretty exhausting to me. I have to take a mini break every 50 meters it seems, just to get my heart rate down enough so I’ll be able to have controlled breath during the swim.

Friday: Nighttime treadmill run at the gym. It ended up being treadmill because there was a cheerleading camp in the main gym. As soon as I opened the door to the track I was nearly knocked over by the sound of 100 pre-teens screaming and cheering. Yeah, I couldn’t do that to myself. I got my 25 minute run in (with 5 minute walking warm-up and cool down), but it felt like a struggle the whole time. I really don’t like the treadmill as much as I once did. I hate not being able to adjust pace constantly and I feel kind of clausterphobic on it.

But…The next run is the 5K!! Almost done! And, by done I mean, almost time to start working on the 10K distance ;)….

On the ‘Results‘ front, I haven’t weighed myself in weeks. I think I’m finally in a place where I’m not working out to keep myself thin or get thinner. One of my coworkers asked me, if there was a magic pill that kept you thin with no side effects, would you take it. For the first time in my life I’m in a position where I would say no. Numerical results (pounds/ inches lost) are great. And if they happen, I will feel good about it. But, now (Finally!) I’m working out for my personal well being – for the joy of challenging my body and to keep my energy level and spirits high. It’s such a healthier place to be. I accept and love my body for what it is, and relish the opportunity to train it and mold it slowly and  naturally. I hope I keep this mental attitude for a long time. And I hope I find a way soon to help friends who have trouble with body image and self acceptance. Constantly critiquing and ragging on your body is not the way to live. I did it for long enough.

Double Dip Tuesday

So, apparently a way to sneakily end up working out twice in a day is to work out so early that you are half zombie and your brain violently regurgitates all memory of it….

I started my day at 6:30 AM running around the hood with a couple grad student girls. Honestly, we all run at a different pace, but it helps to have someone to meet at a certain time to keep you accountable. I did what I wanted to – 2.2  mile run – and called it a day. And like that I’m 2 runs away from the 5K goal!?!? (Honestly, it’s ABOUT time).

I called my mom the other day and told her about my new bike. I think she was excited I was excited but also thinks I’m crazy (She repeatedly told me to be careful and not overdo it, oh mothers). She jokingly said, oh, pretty soon you’ll be doing one of those tri thingies…

And, well, actually, I swam today! I’m lucky enough to know a guy (name dropper) who swam in college and is willing to coach a bunch of grad students on how to be better swimmers. The group has been meeting for a while, but today was my first time.

I swam some freestyle, got some tips on how to improve said freestyle, kicked, relearned backstroke, and called it a day. I felt like the posture tips on my free are going to help a lot. I felt so much more efficient after 5 minutes of knowing the right way to align my body.

The best part was the hot tub after!! That’s some motivation to go back to the pool right ther.

So needless to say, I’m exhausted. The bed is going to feel like a little slice of heaven! I feel so good about today’s swim. I feel like I’m slowly aligning all the puzzle pieces I need to be able to do a tri one day. I’m lucky to know people who can help me in all the areas I need – running buddies, bike yoda, and swim school teacher. Life is good : )


Also, in case you want more VEDA, I have 2 new videos. Please excuse the fact that each one was taken after a workout, but, at least that fits in with the theme of my blog!

Day 2: Me describing what mornings are like (aka, my love for coffee)

Day 3: Me talking about things I’m bad at (I know, I didn’t think there were any either)