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Silly Karen….

So I switched blogs and just realized i never really told anyone that may have been following this one that I moved! Well, if you’d like to keep reading here’s the link:



I would appreciate you following me over there! I moved because I wanted my blog to not be focused all on the health/fitness stuff. So it’s more of a personal blog  and includes post on stuff I’m doing, goals, recipes, books, and faith.



Checking in

Can we talk about where the heck November went?! Seriously. I think the month just flew by in this stressy haze. I can’t believe this semester is almost over. On one hand I’m exstatic – classes are THIS much closer to being over for good. On the other hand, I’m bummed my experiments haven’t gone so well lately, so I might not actually accomplish my semester goals.

I find it amusing that many participate in a blog every day in november challenge and it looks like I bamboozled and just neglected to blog at all. Oopsies!

This blog is kind of about keeping the happy in a stressy world – but apparently I’m not doing a good job of it lately. Several people have commented that I look pretty unhappy/angsty at work. I need to work on it. I need to get out and moving again. I haven’t worked out in like 2 weeks due to a mixture of sickness, travel, and school work. I haven’t been on my bike in longer than I even want to think about. It’s getting cold and dark…and…and…and…stressful. I obviously need a new plan of attack that I haven’t fully laid out yet. And I’m thinking this plan of attack is going to start off with kicking myself hard in the butt to start the momentum. And I’m so good at that (SARCASM!).

Thanksgiving ‘break’ was 4 days of blissful gluttony and slothness. I think I watched a bazillion episode of vampire diaries (Shameless!), got into a new book series (Dexter!), casually shopped, and stuffed my face. I may not have much family to chill with on holiday, but at least I got to take a bit of a pause before the end of semester obligation storm.

So this is me checking in, hoping for a change in my habits, but for now….bed time!

Moving on!

AH! So today I feel like I’ve been running around like a mad woman dealing with post collision chores. I went to the police station to pick up the report, talked to my insurance peeps for a while, faxed some docs, cleared out the insane amount of stuff I carry around in my trunk (like, I have a library annex and random scuba and ballroom dancing gear!), met Harry to get my car towed off to get appraised and repaired, and then…tried to get SOME work done.

Last night I finally took the time to mentally process and heal. I drank wine, watched friends, shed some tears, ate chips (gasp!), and veggggged out. And today, when I saw the car being carried off into the sunset, I felt like the weight of it all was lifted from me. The insurance stuff is still in the air, but right now I’ve done all I can do. I just need to move on. Worst case scenario: I have to pay my deductible. I’ll just let my the insurance people duke it out.

It’s oddly satisfying that I seem to be handling some adult stuff fairly well! Right after the crash I just felt kind of helpless – single female with no man to take care of me or parents to swoop in to save the day. But! I’m handling it! Yay girl power!?

Sunny thought: I’m stronger than I give myself credit for and I can handle myself in a crisis without breaking down!


So, I got into my first car accident. I consider myself a freakishly safe driver. I always leave a diamond of space around me , drive the speed limit, stay alert, all that stuff. But even when you do everything right, bad stuff can still happen. You can’t control everyone else on the road. I don’t know about you, but I have issues when I feel like I have no control. And when you’re cruising down the highway and someone pulls out right in front of you…well…it’s scary! Luckily my instincts were on. I braked and swerved the perfect amount to not get hit by other cars and to take the crash in a place where no one would get seriously hurt. But, thinking about what a close call it really was has me kind of freaked. And needing to figure out all this insurance and repair stuff …. ugh…nightmarish – A cruel punishment for not doing anything wrong, I’d say.

Luckily, I know some great people. My friend Jennie is like, an Amazon woman or something. She came and helped me patch my car up so I could park it somewhere until I figure out the insurance and repair stuff. And my roomie Matt also came to the scene and was a big help. I feel like I would still be a shell of a Karen on the side of the road at Mattress Warehouse if it were for these two. And added thanks to my friends around the BME department who’ve helped get  me food or just dealt with me while I’m a little mentally off. I’m someone who really hates to ask for and accept help, but it means a lot. I hope I can be that kind of friend in return one of these days.

It’s a weird feeling. I know there’s nothing I couldn’t have done, but I just feel mentally funky. My systemic nervous system is on full alert. Like, a little kid appeared suddenly in a doorway and I jumped a mile. I was pretty out of it during my last final today. The events of last night really took a toll on the quantity and quality of my studying (and sleep….). But, I just gotta figure it’s all going to work out, no matter how long and annoying the process, and keep being thankful that no one was hurt, no matter how close of a call it was.

Be safe out there, everyone!