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I want an estate…..

So, This past week has been pretty eventlicious- and as an extrovert, that’s kind of how I like it. It’s been crazy stormy around central VA recently, so outdoor workouts haven’t been happening as often as I’d like them to now that classes are over (for ever!). It was seriously like as soon as I finished my last final, we’ve been in constant downpour status. And, i’m not always the bravest ‘storm trooper,’ if you will.

But, when life gives you water….uhhh….go inside? Yeah, so I did a mini indoor tri to just see how it would feel to do all three things back to back. Of course, I took a detour in the hot tub for 15 minutes between the swim and bike leg, because the hot tub is my best motivation to get swim workouts in. I did ~45 minutes of the swim (so about 1250 meters) and bike legs (ehhh ~ 15 miles), and a short couple laps around the track for the hell of it.

Swimming in my new suit! It's amazing having straps that stay up.

Bike leg - I'm holding up an 'L' because I think this is the lamest pic I've ever taken.

Running leg - which I kept PRETTY short : ) I'm in chronic need of new shoes.

While the indoor tri was kind of lame, it was also exhausting and fun! You gotta stay motivated somehow when mother nature is feeling hormonal.

This weekend was a blast though, Friday I had some coworkers over to play games and have some drinks. We had fun with fishbowl, catch phrase, and apples to apples. Oh, and somehow I was convinced to do a shot at some point. I guess that’s what Fridays are for?!


Saturday I biked a bit and went to a church picnic – which included some ultimate frisbee! I love ultimate, but didn’t love really competitive boys who didn’t seem to want to even out girls and boys on the teams. Our team lost by quite a large margin, but at least we looked good doing it : ) . P.S. What is it about ultimate that makes me groin muscles hurt for days after?! I can hardly move today. I guess my muscles are REALLY not used to running in anything other than a straight line.

And Sunday I went to a wine festival at Ash Lawn (former president James Madison’s estate) with a few of my favorite ladies. I decided that I kind of want an estate – how awesome would it be to have a huge chunk of land to lounge around on, read classy books, drink wine, and laugh with my gal pals. Wine festivals are also all kinds of amazing. You get to get a little day buzz in a beautiful place, wearing a sun dress, and being with good friends. GOOD times indeed : )

After tasting everything we got a bottle of our favorite rose' of the evening to sip outside.

the gang!

I capped off the weekend at a movie night to watch a classic Clint Eastwood western: the good the bad and the ugly.

I’m so glad I watched this classic movie. The music in it is iconic, and now I’m in on the background I guess. Though, the movie probably needed a couple other songs: I was tired of the theme by the middle, but it came around again in excitement at the climax! I often need peer pressure to watch ‘good’ movies…otherwise I’m going to watch Star Wars or a chick flick as a kind of mental detox thing. While I’d VERY rarely sit down and watch a classic film, I’m always glad I did. In light of this, me and my roommate have talked about being that peer pressure for each other. Any first recommendations for us? I’ve always had the intent of going through imdb’s user rated top 250, but have made poor progress so far.

MMMM, this was quite the mix bag of a post. In other vague news, I’m feeling very frustrated with a lot of things in my life right now. I’m the kind of person who likes to go after what I want. And I feel that I’m in a situation that is requiring a lot of patience and unknowns. I’m having trouble trusting that it’s going to work out….or knowing what I should do…if anything. That’s been the kind of downside to an otherwise exciting weekend. Hopefully I figure something out soon with this – I think I just reached the max frustration point where I need to change my current course of action.