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Week 5 = Crushed, Veggie Fail, and Results!

It’s been a sort of big last couple of days! I got in the last 2 runs of week 5 in my pseudo couch to 5K plan:

Walk 10 minutes.
Run 15 minutes.
Walk 5 minutes.

Walk 6 minutes.
Run 18 minutes.
Walk 6 minutes.

Yesterday’s run really about demolished me though. It was a warm sunshiney day, which was awesome, but the gym was pretty toasty inside as well. I def got overheated those last four minutes and pushed myself a little too hard to get it done. When I knocked the speed on the treadmill back to a walk my whole leg (and face!) felt like fire. My legs were even red when I was stretching out. Not sure how great that is for me in the whole spectrum of health, but it feels great to push through a challenge and get it done. On the other hand, def almost passed out right when I stepped off the treadmill. To put things in perspective, my blood pressure runs on the low side, so passing out is pretty easy. I’m more aware of it now than I used to be, so I just gotta make sure I fuel myself properly and drink LOTS of fluids when I work out. Since I’m getting back in the cardiovascular shape I was a few years ago, I’m probably going to have to watch out more again.

Last night I experimented in the kitchen, and tried out a new vegetarian recipe! I adapted it from this one on epicurious: Coconut Curried Tofu with jasmine rice. Epicurious is a great site to search for ingredients that go well together and get inspired. I knew I wanted some kind of curry-licious Thai inspired tofu stir fry and this really fit the bill. It was pretty tasty, but, I definitely need to jazz it up and make it more spicy. It was a bit more bland than I like it, but I realize most people are not as crazy about the spice as I am. The coconut, basil, and peanuts were delish on the rice though! The tofu was kind of just there for protein. Tofu isn’t something I ever seek out, but I’m cool with it being there and appreciate the nutrients.

Last night was almost a veggie fail! I didn't know they sold veggies that were pre-seasoned. I was shocked to find brown goo all over my greens when I opened the bag on the right. Luckily I had backup veggies! I didn't want that salty goo fest anywhere near me....

And finally, I’m excited to report I’m starting to see and feel results! So, while on one hand I’m against numbers ruling your life, I also feel that weighing myself regularly is good motivation to make better decisions. I’m not the kind of person who lets a fluctuating weight label me into a depressed funk, nor do I let it lead to disordered eating. It’s great to see a quantitative change reflecting your hard work though (I am an engineer!). I lost nie 2 pounds this week, which is pretty in line with what you should aim for for healthy, sustainable change.

Realized this morning, my face looks like it did 2 years ago. So, I took a 'myspace' pic out of giddiness.

More than that, I am full of energy and vigor! And my face ┬áhas thinned out and looks more clear and bright. I don’t know. Good things are happening though : ).