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Warrior Aspirations!

So, you may remember one of my goals for this year was to enter one race to complement the running thing. Well, today I signed up for that race. But, instead of doing your typical 5K or 10K I opted for the….wait for it…..WARRIOR DASH! This 5K run includes obstacles like the lame ‘Tunnels of Terror’ and ‘Enchanted Forest’ but also some cool stuff like crawling through mud pits and jumping over fire. At the end you get your very own medal and viking hat and get to feast like a viking with ample meat and beer. If nothing else, it’s a way to check off my goal while providing ample facebook profile pic fodder at the same time (always in the back of my mind, folks!). October 9th can not come soon enough! Anyone brave enough to join me for the MidAtlantic location?!

What about now?!

Anyway, for today’s workout, I was going to run again, but ended up seeing one of my roommates for the first time in a couple weeks, and by the time we adjourned our chat the gym was closing in 20 minutes (darn spring break schedule). So I opted for a workout DVD: Biggest Loser Yoga.

This little guy is a surprisingly tough workout, strength wise. My quads, arms, and abs were all quivering at some points and I definitely worked up a nice sweat. Moreover, Bob is great at queuing. I was playing the DVD on my laptop in the corner, so it wasn’t exactly convenient to look at the screen. In spite of this, I was able to accurately do all the positions by just listening to Bob’s instructions, which was really nice.

One negative about the video is it’s not really yoga. Yeah, a lot of the positions are yoga poses, but yoga is really about the breath and flow to me, and that is just not there with this DVD. Bob really focusses on strength and weight loss,an in doing so kind of loses the essence of what yoga is. Even corpse pose was rushed! I do think I’ll try to incorporate it in my routine more though because I can really use some strength building to complement the running, especially if I wanna be able to climb those walls in the Warrior Dash (that’s the only event I’m really worried about).

Anyway, it’s a good day! I’m glad that I actually got my body moving when I felt like I was pretty close to skipping a day.